People Talk Testimonials


Our favourite feedback lines:

“We had heard through the local grapevine how hard you work for your sellers. That you support their expectations without being patronizing. Well, we can only back that up further. You didn’t let us down.”

“Even with all of the stuff in the media about a “GFC” happening  you kept our feet on the ground and our hopes alive throughout. Now we know what persistence means”

“What I need from you, and from what she has told me, is that you are a straight talker and will be honest with me.”

Barb, one thing I really have to say is that you always kept me informed when you sold my Dad’s place. I wasn’t just left hanging!. My friend, Kim, also commented on how much you helped her with her sale and that she felt the same way I did, that it was so good to know what was happening at each stage while her house was on the market”

“We had been told you are one of the most trusted local agents. You certainly lived up to that. So, thanks Barb, you have done what you said you would do.
Your advice has been invaluable.
You told us the truth
You were straight with us.
It has been all the easier because of that.”

Love that………

Aqua Robins

“Also, thank you again for your  excellent work in selling my property so quickly, and with so little fuss.  Your skills ensured that it was virtually stress-free for me, which is quite an achievement given that all communication between us was by ‘phone, and I hadn’t even seen the property for two years.”

Del Jones

“In conversation with my young niece last week, your name came up as a recognised role model for young women. You are a role model in her job as a sales exec at Knight Frank in a new area for them- prestige residential.
Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing and I trust that this year will be a great one for you and yours.

David Shaw

Barb,…thank you for all your efforts in the process of marketing our properties. All the recommendations and endorsements from your previous clients are well earned, given your simple sensible and very professional approach to the job. We are satisfied that the marketing program you suggested gave us appropriate coverage, and more, and as such prices achieved where what the current market would pay. We would have no hesitation in using your services again…I would also like to add that I value the rapport we built as the weeks moved on. This confirmed my confidence in your ability to deliver what has been an excellent outcome,…very best regards, and good luck to you and clients with future sales,…David Shaw (Director)  Street and Garden Furniture Company

Sarah & Paul Rodman

“We’ve met Barb on a number of occasions in the past few years during house-hunting forays and liked her approach very much. When we had to sell our house in a hurry because we were moving to Singapore, we contacted Barb immediately. We left the country before the sales campaign was up and running but were completely at ease with this, as Barb was at the helm. Barb has constantly impressed us with her reliability, efficiency, good nature and, at the end of the day, coming through with a brilliant auction result that was way above our expectations. Barb Johnston is a rare breed in the often all-too-slick real estate world. There are two amazing things about Barb: she cares and she thinks. She cares about your home; she cares about getting you the best price possible; she cares about acting with integrity and honesty at all times. She thinks about how you are feeling in the process; she thinks about the market reaction; she thinks about the feedback received and anticipates questions and strategies.  In our experience, these are unusual qualities among real estate agents. Dealing with Barb is refreshing, to say the least!”

Chris Clayton

At last settlement day for my townhouse has arrived!

This is just a short note to thank you sincerely for all the work that you have done (and did) while this marathon event was happening. Needless to say, there were times when I was becoming unsettled that all would not work out suitably, so I can imagine how it was from your end, having to deal with vendors who were interstate, lawyers, property owners of other units etc.

Other factors that your role involved and need to be mentioned here are; your having to deal with a buyer wanting to purchase a property whilst in another country and mainly being available by SMS; everything needing to be done on a tight time frame because of the auction
date; having to liaise with a third and fourth party (Dana and Marg) for negotiations; receiving phone calls from a financial broker who had money in his hot hand and needing to distribute as the building society was placing pressure on him continually contacting a lawyer who had not had a case `like this” before; waiting for builder’s and engineer’s reports; writing letters to say I could get the phone connected, even though I was not an owner or a renter (there apparently is not a `squatter’ category!)

How could I have overlooked all these small factors?

What has really impressed me most about this entire situation is your professionalism throughout this time. There was never any pressure placed on me during the price negotiation stage, or during the fiasco that occurred during the ensuing months. At no time was the `hard sell’ evident, as you were aware that? also would behave fairly with price boundaries.

I feel that I have some basis on which to judge your performance, as I have purchased a number of properties previously. Often professional groups are judged as a whole entity and stereotyped, as is often the case with Real Estate consultants, thus the individual agent involved at the buying/selling level is given little integrity. This was not so in your case. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people whom I was aware were looking to purchase real estate in this vicinity.

Thanks again for everything Barb and good luck with future negotiations that will hopefully be routine compared to my epic.
Chris Clayton

Thea & Rod Webb

“We just wanted to say thank you for all of your help in the last few weeks. Your professionalism has changed our view dramatically on Real Estate Agents. Your honesty and genuine concern for us has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated. We don’t think of you as our agent but as our friend”

Barbara & Dick Way

“After living in our home, Wahroonga for 75 years, it was with much trepidation that we stepped into the business world of Real Estate. Ours was a difficult home to sell, it being in the higher price range, but at all times we were treated with every consideration and at no time did we have any doubts about understanding even the smallest details. Barb Johnston changed what we expected to be a grim ordeal into a very happy and interesting experience and we cannot speak highly enough of her expertise.”

Victoria & Martin Jaenecke

“I am always impressed when I meet people who, in their profession, don’t always think in a materialistic manner, act in their own interest or see the client as a wandering money bag, but who is indeed able to see and treat clients as real people.  We were happy to meet you and to see that you enjoy your job and we really appreciated your thoughtfulness and helpfulness towards us.”

Lyn & David Martin

“I knew the moment we met that you were the right person to sell our house. In fact you were an answer to a prayer not only to sell the house but to find the right people to buy it, and you fulfilled both requirements!!!! I am sure you saw instantly the emotional bond I have with this house and you had the perfect balance of compassion, gentleness and firmness to guide me through the selling period for which I am so grateful.”

David & Val Walters

“I wish to make mention of the impressions which my wife and I had during the time that it took for Barb Johnston to sell our property in Tarragindi. At all times during this process, Barb conducted herself, and all the applicable negotiations in a most professional manner. She showed particular thoughtfulness for our sometimes emotional feelings, having owned and lived in the house for forty five years and finally negotiated for us, a very acceptable price, on terms most beneficial to our circumstances. We consider ourselves to have been very fortunate to have had Barb Johnston’s expertise and attention to detail in all aspects of our sale and we both wish her well in all her future endeavours.”

Jon & June Stubbs

“Barb Johnston has acted as real estate agent on the last two occasions that we have sold a house. On both occasions she provided an excellent service that realized good prices for our properties. Most recently, Barb completed the sale of a rental property and in the process, organized tradesmen to prepare the house for sale, arranged for the house to receive a certificate from the pest control experts and developed an advertising strategy (including digital photographs) that very quickly attracted a number of prospective buyers. A couple of years ago, Barb also sold our favourite house.On both occasions, the sale went without a hitch all the more impressive given that we live in Geelong, Victoria and both properties were located in Brisbane, Queensland. The whole process was conducted professionally and nothing was too much trouble.”

Maggie & Ray Zahl

“Our sincere thanks, Barb, for the tasteful and non-intrusive way in which you have conducted the house inspections, and for you attention to detail. You never pushed us into unnecessary expenditure and have always given us good honest advice. I sincerely hope that this is not the end of our association as I have enjoyed your company but Ray and I both wish you every business success and will happily recommend you to all and sundry, wishing to buy or sell their homes.”

Neville Weston

“Just a quick note to thank you for all of your patience and hard work with Biarra St. The price you got was far better than I ever would have imagined. It turned what I thought was going to be a problem into a painless and very profitable experience.”

Elena Kingston June 2006

“Hi Barb, We have signed a contract on a house that was unfortunately not listed by yourself.  I would have loved to have made our purchase through you, but unfortunately you didn’t have “the one”. I’d like to just let you know that your excellent level of customer service didn’t go unnoticed – of all the different Real Estate agents we had contact with, you were by far the most attentive – I really appreciated your weekly updates.  Even though you may not have got a sale from us this time, we’ll remember you for next time. Thanks, Elena”


Selling Your Home in Brisbane’s Inner South

Whether you are selling or buying property in Brisbane, particularly property located in the inner south of the central city, Barb Johnston provides a thoroughly personalised and professional service. Many of her clients are referral based reflecting her dedication to service, client satisfaction and above all, Barb focuses on meeting their respective needs to help them achieve  best possible outcome with their property transaction.