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Is the front door a little wonky


Questions. Questions. And First Impressions

Styling Your Home For Sale


Can’t work out where to begin? Why don’t you take a walk outside and start at the very beginning. Even if your home is an apartment, the front door or gate is a very good place to start.


The questions I would ask myself would be:


“Is the entrance looking smart, clean, inviting?”

“Is the gate hanging straight and the fence in good order?”

“Are the hedges behind it trimmed and tidy?”

“Are there things lying around the garden that can be tossed out or put away?” Broken pot plan holders, children’s toys, gardening equipment, the dog’s play things, dilapidated garden furniture?

“Do the gardens and plants look as if somebody loves them or are they tired, overgrown and woolly?”


There have been instances where overgrown shrubbery has given the perception of a smaller home than it actually is so a buyer has driven on by.  Silly, I know, but we are looking at everything you can attend to to maximize your home’s appeal, that all important first impression.


“Is the front pathway in need of repaving, some repair?”styling your home for sale

“Are there tree roots lifting pavers?”

“Are the front stairs sound or are there a couple of loose treads needing attention?”

“How about the railings? Do they need an extra bolt or two?”

You would be amazed how many people misinterpret minor defects as reflective of something more ominous!


I did say this was practical!


“Is there an untidy pile of shoes at the door?”


There’s no need to put your prospective buyers off the moment they arrive at your home. Your home will encounter some who, after visiting a dozen homes, believe they are the ‘inspection gurus’ and will start to classify homes based on their tidy quotient. There is the potential assimilation between untidiness and uncaring so in their minds, the question becomes ‘What can’t I see that I should be concerned about?’


“Is the paint on the front door peeling?”

“Are all of the hinges of your entrance gates and/or doors in working order?”


Your front door could be that one thing worth you painting though I will pass on some other thoughts on what to paint and what not to in a later post.


“If your home is a house, is the exterior looking fresh?”

“Is there mould or grime on the sills, the steps, the pathways, the soffits, the walls?”

A house washer will be your best friend. It’s amazing how good a home can look after wash down so even if it is a little while since you have painted outside, this may be just what you need to do. Many of my clients LOVE that fresh ‘just painted’ look a wash down can give their home.


So, are you happy with how it looks from your entrance way? Your entrance door


Next time, we will open the door! Have fun!


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