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Sex sells (or so they say). However when it comes to selling a home, ‘Sexy…’ may be a disadvantage.

 Preparing a House for Sale
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When preparing a house for sale the bedroom is an interesting place to consider, as it is an intimate area of the home for the seller and it is about to be put on display to the public. As an agent I recommend my clients aim to tone down anything in the bedroom (that’s right, time to put your copy of 50 Shades of Grey away) and aim for space, light and modern. The purpose of this is to encourage the Buyer to see themselves living in the property, not the current owners.

With this in mind there are a few important to considerations, specific to the bedroom;

  • New Sheets: choose ones relatively neutral in colour – yes now is the time to put away the satin red sheets.
  • Open and breezy: open the windows and let the sun shine through. Light makes a room look and feel larger and an airy room appeals much more than a dark, stuffy room.
  • Remove clutter: get rid of clothes on the floor; tidy up bedside tables; remove anything that doesn’t have a place.
  • Consider refurnishing: is that spare room actually an unutilised bedroom filled with junk? Show the buyer what is possible through staged or re-organised furnishings.
  • Remove personal pictures: while this is still your house for now (hopefully not for long) buyers can be distracted when they put a name to a property.

But Barb – “What about the Sizzle?” “Where is the excitement and edginess?” “How do I make my property stand out?”

Remove clutter to show off the potential of a room
Remove clutter to show off the potential of a room

Yes, we do want your property to standout, but we are aiming to plant ideas into a buyer’s mind as to what they can do with a property, without niching the property to much.

For example cleanliness and tidiness are universal attributes all buyers seek. They want it to feel as spacious as possible (for their budget). All houses should be presented with these attributes. However, it is how we present a room that makes it different from other properties. For example a standard bedroom may be staged as a child’s bedroom – if your potential buyer is more likely to be a young family with children. Conversely, if your potential buyer is possibly a retiree or professional couple we stage the room as a home study or a guest room.

Light and air add to the appeal of a bedroom

When it comes to presenting your home it is important to understand what makes your buyers tick, what they are looking for and what they aren’t looking for. While it can be hard for some, we need to recognise that our personal tastes are not necessarily the same for our buyers. As such, we need to present your home in the best possible way that appeals to your potential buyers which in turn generates higher interest and a higher sale price.

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