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How Do you Protect Your Mum and Dad?

The “Sandwich Generation” Part 3

It always comes as quite a shock when your parents decide to sell the home you grew up in. Whatever reason brings about the sale, be it to downsize, relocate to a new area or the unfortunate circumstances of a deceased estate, the sale of your family home is by far the most emotional sale you’ll be involved in.
So many memories are held within those walls of a home you probably think is worth more than the earth, but this is where it is most crucial for you to appoint the right agent to manage the sale, because this my friend, will more than likely be one of the toughest property sales you’ll ever have to go through.

As a real estate agent in Brisbane for many years now, I hear many stories about what goes on in the real estate industry, both locally and outside my service areas.

Unfortunately it’s not the first time I have heard stories where mums and dads have sold their home only to discover the price was much less than what the home was actually worth.

It was only recently, I heard of a story where an agent illegally chose not to disclose to their client, an elderly lady, that they had a beneficial interest in the sale. Turns out their friend was in fact the buyer and they collaborated on a deal that would see the property being grossly undersold. Terrifying and possibly financially devastating for the trusting seller, absolutely disgusting for the sales agent and extremely unfortunate for the credibility of the real estate industry.

This is probably one of the worst examples around but with that said, how can you ensure a real estate agent’s credibility? How do you know they are trustworthy and have your parent’s or anyone else’s best interests in mind?

As a real estate agent myself, my mum’s home will always be in safe hands but what about the thousands of others out there who don’t have access to a family member, good friend or real estate professional whom they can trust with probably their largest asset?

There are ways you can help and protect your parents and loved ones throughout the sale process to help guarantee their home is sold smoothly, fairly and sells for its true value.


Here are three for you to consider.

  1. Research The Agent Beforehand

Firstly, if the agent hasn’t come as a referral, it is absolutely crucial that you do your own research on finding the right agent. You can search online for reviews as to their honesty and integrity. Take a look at sites like ratemyagent.com which allows you to search by area and offers great information in the form of testimonials from real people who have used the agents before. Combine this process with an extensive online search into the agents’ own website and blog and this will narrow down the applicants greatly. Finally, always ask for and follow up on referees and testimonials the agent can provide you with. It’s kind of like checking out a potential employee’s background to make sure they’re the right candidate for the job. You wouldn’t skimp on this if you were an employer? Why should you now?

  1. Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Make Decisions Alone

Be there when mum or dad make the decision on which agent to go with and do your best to oversee the selling process where you can. Help ask the right questions when interviewing an agent and essentially do your best to hold their hand through the entire process to safeguard their interests even further. You may not be a real estate expert, but being that extra pair of ears and having your parents’ best interests at heart will count for something!

  1. Go With A Referred Agent

Don’t allow your parents to get sucked into a fast talking sales pitch when deciding on an agent and always look to those who are referred to you, first and foremost. Feeling that gut sense of rapport is all important when choosing an agent, and a referred agent will more likely be interested in you, your parents and achieving the best possible sales result for the family home. You won’t just be another listing because not only must this agent satisfy you, they must also answer to the person whom referred them in the first place.

In today’s day and age, we have a greater ability and many more avenues to find a lot more information than older generations have in the past. Use what is available to you before making final decisions and this will no doubt ensure the best possible outcome for your parents and any loved ones you are helping.

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