Selling Your Home Tips in Storm Season

Selling Your Home – How Regular Maintenance Can Protect Your Home

Thunderstorm In The City by SupertrooperThere are many things to consider when selling your home and with the advent of recent storms in Brisbane I thought it prudent to talk about the benefits of ongoing maintenance.  The first and most obvious consideration is that with ongoing maintenance home owners can prevent or reduce the damage caused by natural disasters. A simple example is the removal of leaves from gutters, especially leading up to the storm season. Blocked gutters can result in water overflowing under roof sheeting and tiles and into the ceiling cavities, which can result in costly damage.

If a home owner is looking to sell a property in the short term it can be tempting to cut back on maintenance and save a few dollars. Unfortunately, I have seen instances where sellers wishing to do so have seen this backfire on them – when unmaintained gutters overflow and aged roofs leak through rust holes – right when the property is on the market. The repercussions to this can mean we lose potential buyers and/or buyers return with lower offers as a result.storm_cloud


In discussing this here it is also a very positive benefit to maintaining your home (and retaining records).

When people purchase a car – a log book or history of service can add intrinsic value to the sale of the vehicle.

The same principle applies to houses.

Roof And Blue Sky by zirconicusso
Give buyers peace of mind with documented maintenance records

One big hurdle most sellers face is a building inspection, so a documented history of tree maintenance, gutter repairs, professional tradespeople, professional property managers (for investment properties) all show potential buyers that this home has been looked after and is less likely to come with any ‘surprises’.

This added documentation can help sellers distinguish their homes from the rest – just like everyone wants to buy a car with low km’s, one driver and serviced regularly etc. a home that has been well maintained and comes with documentation provides buyers with peace of mind which has an intrinsic value in itself.


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