How to Prepare your Home for Sale | Selling Your Home Checklist

What moves you? Downsizing? Upsizing? It moves everyone sooner or later. And all for different reasons


Your first practical tip – The LIST – First things first, you need to prepare a Checklist for selling your home. 


selling your home checklist

Why don’t we get real about presenting your home for sale! It’s a common foible that we sometimes get stuck because of the familiarity we know so well keeping us a little blinded to what others may see in our home. I am going to give you a very basic ‘step by step’ guide to follow so that whether your plan is soonish or a bit later, you can make a start today.





Now, if you are a list-loving kind of person, you may already have made your first one and be well on your way. However, for others, just starting or knowing what to tackle first can be the biggest hurdle. The best thing about having a list is actually crossing things off as they are done. Ahhh, the satisfaction!


If you have difficulty starting, break things down into manageable parcels. If you have a reasonable time frame on your hands, then look at monthly and weekly projects. Looking at or setting your date deadline (what is driving this decision of yours and what is the time frame required?) is the easiest way of getting you organized into a schedule of things to be done.

Then work backwards to today.

The first step is the hardest so just pick ONE thing and do it.
You will then have started on your list.
Even writing that thing down = Step 1!!


Make a startYou have done it! You now have a Checklist for Selling your Home. That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Styling Your Home for Sale

Home Presentation Inside

Decluttering your Home

If you want to present your home in best light possible, give me a call. I have some great tips and tricks to share.

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