5 Things Sellers MUST Ask Before Signing Anything

Why A Solution Trumps A Sale –
5 Things Sellers MUST Ask Before Signing Anything

Before You Sign
Selling My Home

How many hats is your real estate agent wearing? I don’t mean the pieces of cloth you place on your head for fashion or to keep the sun off, but the roles that a true professional plays for their clients.

Throughout the duration of my selling career in Brisbane Inner Southern Suburbs and Tarragindi as an independent real estate agent, I have been asked to wear many “hats” by my clients, some of whom would be blind to see that their selling process involved a mediator, realist, negotiator, trusted friend, confident, and finally, a real estate salesperson.

Who played these roles? Me. Do I mind? Of course not. It’s my job.

Because that’s what a true real estate professional must do in order to give their clients the very best service they can.

It isn’t rocket science to understand that each person is different and each client, be it buyer, seller or tenant, has a unique set of circumstances when they come to me for help.

Since I’ve been selling real estate for over two decades I have clocked up numerous experiences that a newby simply wouldn’t have come across, and this is how I am able to help clients navigate their individual situations so that the best outcome can be achieved.

With this being said, sellers nowadays are not just looking for someone to sell their house.

What they’re really after is a professional with enough experience to safely guide them on the right path when it comes to their individual circumstances. Whether it be offering a shoulder to cry on during a separation or divorce, recommending the right solicitor or accountant, playing devil’s advocate or having a basic understanding of family estates, a good real estate agent should essentially be in a position to play many roles throughout the selling process.

I enjoy doing this for my clients and when the sale is complete they are always happy to write me a fantastic testimonial or refer me to friends and family.

Managing the sale in a way that best works in with the seller’s situation is crucial if you want the best outcome possible and only an experienced agent will do this well.

An inexperienced salesperson often struggles with “different” or “complex” circumstances because they simply haven’t come across it yet.

I recently worked with a couple who were going their separate ways very amicably and whilst I am always mindful of my professional obligations and lines of advice, they were both very happy that I was able to be their “go to person” when they didn’t want to discuss certain matters with family or friends.

I have many other stories and scenarios I could mention but the bottom line is that sellers should always consider the real life experiences of their real estate agent and not just their selling skills when it comes to choosing an agent.

Here’s 5 things you should be asking that you probably didn’t think of…

  • Has the agent come across a situation similar to yours and how did they handle it? What was the outcome of that sale and what lessons were drawn from the process?
  • Does the agent have personal experience that you can relate to?
  • Is the agent a property investor themselves and how long have they been investing in property?
  • Has the agent ever been a tenant?
  • Does the agent have an understanding of Residential Tenancies and the current rental market?

Although the answers to these questions shouldn’t be deal breakers when it comes to choosing an agent, it’s something that sellers should be considering before they sign the paperwork.

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