Selling homes in this market. Be Brave and Win

The decision is made! You are selling your home in Brisbane’s inner south.

You have plans underway and now ‘the market’ is behaving at odds with those plans.  A number of factors have crept into play this year and seem to be undermining the usual flow of things. Your area has been battered by floods, other areas have suffered cyclones. Cautiousness has crept in as people reel under the consequential effects of lurching stock markets, inappropriate money market management, rising costs and all manner of things political. There aren’t quite so many people out and about looking at houses right now.


Before you sigh with frustration, like you, there are still plenty of people who are making everyday decisions about their own lives despite those discouraging press reports. The world doesn’t stop though it might hiccup from time to time. Things happen – there are transfers, wedding bells, new babies, aging parents to care for, kids leaving home finally, a change in family circumstances. All sorts of things affect the daily decisions people make.



A common reaction is “Yes, but these things wont affect my situation quite so much!” Many of us tend to look (or hope) for the simple solution, don’t we. We pop on those rose coloured glasses. However, when things do get tough and don’t go quite to plan, often our old friend, Reluctance to Accept, can rear his head and suggest that we need to look for the path of least resistance to achieve our goals.


Is that the right decision to take?  A fast track to your goalSometimes it takes a leap of faith or simply a sense of trust in where you are getting the best advice to make that all important decision about what you really need to do to get your home sold, a decision that will ultimately affect your plans. Ever thought about taking a bungee jump? It’s something that is NOT on my bucket list  but as an analogy, my colleague, Jason Andrew, of JAA (Jason Andrew Auctioneers), has used it perfectly in his missive this week, Go Jump.

Let’s get on with it and take the plunge! Are you up for it? We need to grab that pot of gold.