Selling a House Checklist

Your Selling a House checklist

Because selling a home can be a big process we have prepared the following Selling a House Checklist that simplifies the steps in selling your home. If you want to go through each step, one by one you can start here.

Preparing Your House for Sale

A successful and profitable sale starts long before the negotiation with a buyer (More)

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Before you have buyers inspect your home there are number of things you should do. (More)

Real Estate Marketing Personalised for You

You can easily spend large amounts of money on real estate marketing, but is this the right strategy for you? (More)

Open Home or By Appointment? Inspection Options

Many sellers often ask about the pro’s and con’s of open homes and By appointment (More)Selling a House Checklist

Negotiating Property Price and Conditions

Negotiation on price and conditions can be daunting and exciting at the same time (More)

Property Under Contract – The Important Paperwork

Its almost done, but the paperwork needs to be processed properly to ensure a great deal doesn’t slip through your fingers (More)