Who is the RIGHT agent when it comes to selling a deceased estate?

real estate agent deceased estate - finding the right one
Wendy Russell

Selling a deceased estate can be difficult, that’s why getting the right agent can be important. So, who is the right agent ? With our current focus on helping families, it’s a pleasure to have my colleague, Wendy Russell, Buyers Agent extraordinaire, write an article for me based on her recent and very personal experiences when a family member died late last year.  Dealing with a Deceased Estate is not confined to the older generation obviously, but more often than not, we associate the older generation with having to deal with it more frequently than younger members of the family. Here is Wendy’s experience.


Winding up an estate is not just something that older people have to deal with. It can be thrust upon you at any stage in your life. Being prepared is something I’d never thought of until it happened to me.

Selling a deceased estate can be difficult for all involved

When my uncle passed away fairly unexpectedly last year, I was hit for six. Dealing with the death of loved one is never an easy experience and probably not one that twenty or thirty somethings think about until the unexpected happens.Since he had no wife, no kids and no other immediate family other than myself, my sister and my dad, well, it was up to us to make the necessary arrangements to say goodbye.

Never had I imagined that in my early thirties I would be handling a family estate but the lesson to be shared is that it can literally be thrust upon you at any time, and at any stage in your life.


If you’ve ever had to plan a funeral, you will know EXACTLY what I mean when I explain how difficult, emotionally charged and downright sad it can be to make the final arrangements to say goodbye to someone you loved and cared about.

Winding up an estate is never an easy process and when it comes to property, the challenge can be even more difficult.

Family homes are often filled with sentimental memories of times spent with those you love and when the time comes for these properties to be sold, well, it can bring about all sorts of feelings and raise many questions at the same time.

Lucky for my family that I’m in real estate and can help manage the process of selling my Uncle’s home; but what about the people out there who aren’t connected to anyone in the industry?

It’s a scary thought for many struggling families and even individuals who are trying to come to terms with their loss, but then they’re hit with the daunting task of finding a real estate agent who will do them right during such a difficult time.

Agents have long been labelled as untrustworthy, and with this stereotype comes nervous sellers (or executors) who can be very reluctant to pull the trigger on selling a property that quite frankly, must be sold.

So what do you do?selling a deceased estate

I’ll tell you.

You get in touch with as many trustworthy people as you know and you ask them who THEY would sell a property with if they had to choose an agent.

This is by far the road less traveled if you want to wind up with an agent who will work WITH and FOR you, rather than one who just wants to slap the auction sign up, mark the ad with deceased estate and collect their commission when it’s all said and sold.

Now this may sound harsh but you want to be damn sure you connect with an agent who also understands what you’re going through emotionally. Trust me, it’s not an easy time and it will be the agent you will fall back on if things get heated during the selling process.

Finding a real estate agent you trust when you don’t already know one is the challenge, but take it from me, referrals are BY FAR the best way to go when you’re engaging a real estate agent. ESPECIALLY if you’re having to sell the home of a person you held dear.

This sale may very well be THE hardest thing you’ll ever do.  Guaranteed it will be stressful and emotionally challenging, and you’ll want someone on your side who will do their best to eliminate the ups and downs, take charge when you need them to, and get the job done.


Many thanks Wendy – your experience should help others confronted with a similar situation.
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