Real Estate Marketing Personalised for You

When selling your home there are a wide variety of real estate marketing options available to you.

Real Estate Marketing Options – What’s Available?

There are a number of real estate marketing tools available to sellers, all with varying benefits and costs. The obvious tool is online, with a number of websites offering sellers the opportunity to list their property on popular real estate websites. These platforms are a great place to source interested buyers. However, with everything there is a right and wrong way to list on these platforms. For example, photos are integral to to the success on these sites. Its surprising (and scary) how many photos are taken with standard cameras (or even mobiles). How rooms are filled with mess! And one even loaded upside down!

At FineLife Property we like to use professional photographers to highlight the features of your home.

There are also a number of other features provided by these sites, such as “Premium” listings. These listings may come with higher rankings and a more sizable price tag but can be of benefit to the right seller. However, assess your priorities in consultation with your agent and determine if this is for you. It will depend on a number of things such as the target buyer market, your budget and the circumstances behind your sale. Like most things in life, it is not a case of one thing fits all so these premium listings are not necessary for all buyers groups.

Real Estate Marketing – What’s Appropriate?

While there are a wide number of options available, it’s what’s appropriate that’s important to sellers. At FineLife Property we work closely with our sellers to identify an ideal buyer, and then work on a marketing campaign that will appeal to that buyer.

For example, if we are selling a three bedroom home in the suburbs, we may target young families and first home buyers. As a result we will highlight the backyard, the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms using appropriate marketing tools. If we are targeting the executive market we are likely to suggest you consider other premium listing options.

FineLife Property offers three marketing packages to our sellers so that they can choose the right real estate marketing plan for their home and their budget. 

Your Marketing, Your Choices

At FineLife Property you are in control of your real estate marketing. You will be shown the options available with the associated benefits so that you can choose the right package for your home. We also find our Sellers appreciate the flexibility we offer on how to pay for your marketing. We think this is important in giving sellers the confidence to move forward with the sale of their home.

Irrespective of the marketing you choose, we work hard to ensure your home is presented in the best light to the highest number of potential buyers.

Personalised Marketing Checklist

  • List your property with your agent
  • Complete your pre-sale tasks
  • Determine who your target buyer is
  • Consider the right marketing package for your home
  • Listen to your Agent’s advice – they can advise on previous successes
  • Get professional photos and a floor plan
  • Breathe and let your Agent guide you in the final few days before you are live in the market

Now your marketing campaign is in full swing, you need to decide whether to have an open home or inspection by appointment.

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