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Rookie vs Veteran
Real Estate Agent Brisbane

Real estate agents are a dime a dozen, or are they?

Driving around the business hubs of the suburbs and even the cities it doesn’t take a person long to notice the many real estate agencies that seem to line the footpaths.

So who are the people that work behind the fancy doors of the many real estate brands in and around Brisbane, and how did they come to the conclusion that real estate was the career for them?

The decision to become a real estate agent and enter the cut throat world of property sales was something I pondered for quite some time before taking the leap of faith over two decades ago.


I love helping people and I love property and when you combine the two I guess it sets the scene for a successful and exciting career ahead.


What has interested me over the years is how the real estate industry in Brisbane has changed and grown up.


The number of new agents coming on the scene certainly doesn’t surprise me ever since property has been projected into the spotlight by the likes of renovation TV shows, real life auction programs and reality TV series’ like Million Dollar Listing, which follows the glamorous and somewhat controversial lives of the top performing sales agents and buyers agents in America.


As for the newbies in our industry, some will last, and some won’t, and it is often a case of sink or swim for the rookie who is thrown in the deep end amongst the mixed bag of personalities that make up the sales team.


The revolving door of real estate as some would call it will continue to spin and a lot of this weeding out comes back to the decisions of our clients.


Who will Mr and Mrs Seller ultimately choose to sell their property?


Are sellers drawn to the fresh faced rookie who is bouncing with enthusiasm, has everything to prove, and grand visions of becoming the number one agent in their service area?


Or is it the agent with the runs already on the board? The salesperson who has experienced the property cycle many times over and understands buyers and sellers probably better than they understand themselves?


Experience vs Enthusiasm? Which trumps which?


I have often wondered the reasons that motivate sellers in their decision to select an agent and from my experiences to date I can honestly say that there are pros and cons for each.


If you’re a seller who is stuck on who to choose to best represent you in a sales transaction, consider the following…


Let’s look at the Rookie.


The rookie arguably has nothing to lose and everything to gain and this can swing either way, good or bad for the client. It is very possible that the rookie will go over and beyond for his clients and won’t have developed any of the bad habits that agents have a tendency to catch if they’ve worked in a not so ethical office. The rookie may feel bullet proof and more relaxed and easygoing about the service they are providing but will they be able to hold their own in a tough negotiation? Or be able to draw upon the various experiences that have molded the long standing agents?


But like everything in life, we all have to start somewhere, and it is my very first clients who I will be forever grateful for giving me a go when I was starting out in my real estate career all those years ago.


Now let’s look at the Veteran.


Can a seller really look past first hand, cold hard experience? The veteran has seen it all and can often read the play, the subtleties, in a negotiation and be in a position to offer credible feedback and advice to her clients.


Provided they have built a good reputation for themselves, the veteran has probably developed an extensive network of contacts throughout her career. Contacts who could play a deciding role in the outcome of a sale. I’m talking about buyer databases and industry related connections like property stylists, legal people and valuers who all play an integral part in the success of a property sale. If these relationships are managed well, the person who benefits the most is the client.


In answer to my original question of who is better, I guess it really depends on the client, where their individual comfort levels lie and how they place and see value.


I believe there are pros and cons for each and of course, being a veteran independent real estate agent myself, I am always going to have a bias toward experience but my ultimate advice to sellers has always been to go with your gut if you’re struggling to make a final decision. If you end up with a rookie who is being visibly mentored by an experienced agent, then you can probably relax. You are actually getting the best of both worlds. But then again, that reflects the value in experience, doesn’t it?

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