Quick tips For Selling Your House

Fluff and Dust – a Quick Guide to presenting your home for Sale


Are you wondering what ‘Fluff and Dust’ is all about? Some quick tips for selling your house


You have made the decision, the plan is in place and your home is about to go onto the market. The first step towards achieving that great result is to make your home shine, so a bit of fluffing and dusting is in order. Even if you are renting out an investment property, it will pay to check on its presentation too. Grab pen and paper and let’s take a closer look at each room as you walk through. Jot down a list of the things that need to be done. It’s time to fluff up the cushions!  Whiz out the duster or paint brush! Here are some snippets of advice about what you should prioritise.


Some Quick Tips for Selling Your House:


Let’s start at the front door! How does your entrance look?

Check that your entrance is looking smart, fresh and inviting. Paths cleaned, paint freshened up, gardens or potted plants looking tidy, driveways free of grease and grime, gates and doors hanging straight. A tip though, once you paint one thing, ensure it does not make its surrounds look shabby. Sometimes a good wash down will be a better option. Check door handles, taps and replace light bulbs where necessary. Simple things can make the world of difference to a buyer’s perception of the condition of your home and avoid ringing alarm bells about its need for maintenance.

Once inside, what is your first impression?

As you walk through, look at each room as if you were viewing an ‘open home’. It is worth thinking about packing up as much as you can. You will be moving, anyway, so getting rid of unnecessary items, reducing clutter, donating items to your local charities and generally spring cleaning will open up rooms and make them feel more spacious. It will also lessen the load once you have sold…..

Strip the fridge of all of those magnets and bills, stow the extra toys (imagine the joy when the children unpack those later!), sort the books and be strong! Buyers are not terribly interested in your collections. They want to see rooms as big and as comfortable as they can be. You will be amazed at how good it feels to DECLUTTER!

How do things look underneath your feet?

It is time to shampoo the carpets, “de-dog (or cat) hair” the place. Do the timber floors need a coat of satin sheen or just a good clean? Timber decks look amazing with a fresh coat of oil. With old carpets, consider lifting them and revealing the floor boards or look at a scatter rug. It may give the lift it needs.

Let there be light!

The simplest things that will transform a home are light and space (de-cluttering). We mentioned checking to make sure that all the lights have working bulbs! Lamps will soften and brighten corners plus add ambience to rooms. They can create interest where spaces are bare. Opening the blinds/curtains will let the sun shine in, enhancing polished floors and making spaces bigger.

Fluffing some more.

The beauty of soft furnishings is that they can be the most economical way to enhance your existing furniture. You can add a little bit of sheen and colour  to leathers and the coarse woven fabrics of your covered lounges with new cushions. Or, change the mood and add a touch of glamour to bedrooms by tossing in a selection of new pillows, throws or covers. The lastest linen store brochures will provide a wonderful sampling of ideas for you to freshen your home’s look. A clever choice of colours and/or textures may be just the subtle change needed and then you can take them with you to your new lounge or bedroom.

Colour me beautiful!

You may have had a passion for dramatic feature walls, but now is not the time to begin experimenting.  Less is more and neutral is even better. If painting is on your list, be mindful that others may not have your taste, hence the advice about ‘Going neutral’. It provides a great back drop and everyone can picture their own furniture a little better. As we mentioned before, consider first whether painting will make other areas cry out for their coat and therefore make your job even bigger. However, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders and is one of the cheaper alternatives when freshening up your home.

Your furniture and more

Now is the time to look at FLOW! Move things around. You may be surprised with what can happen to a space once you shift your paintings and furniture pieces around. Like an old pair of slippers, what has seemed so comfortable may have in fact compromised how well the room can feel. This wont cost you anything! Something that is big and bulky may be consuming your floor space where a finer piece may work a little better. Don’t forget, packing some of it up and away make work wonders as well.

Keep your budget in mind

Think before you rush in and do the big renovation just as you are about to move out. All of that expense may be wasted if your buyer does not like what you have done. And it may turn them away. Plan carefully, ask our advice on this one! Simple changes and functionality in your fixtures and fittings may be all that is required. Having professional cleaners attend to bathrooms and kitchens may just add the extra shine you need.

Keep it fresh

Nothing is nicer than fresh flowers inside and freshly mown grass outside. Potted plants can add their little bit of magic as well. Check that the pool sparkles and the weeds disappear.


So, the list is completed and now your home is ready!

Good luck!

Your list is ready to prepare your home for sale




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