Property Under Contract – The Important Paperwork

With the terms and price negotiated, it’s now time to get the paperwork completed

Property Under Contract

While the most nervous time for a seller can be during the negotiation process, the most important part of selling your home comes down to completion of the paperwork. It is now when an experienced real estate agent can be of benefit. While a Seller can engage the services of a solicitor to ensure contracts meet legal requirements, in Queensland the Seller’s real estate agent will be responsible for preparing, signing and exchanging of the initial paperwork between the seller and the buyer.

It is unfortunate how often we hear about paperwork complications causing undue stress and delay for sellers

Paperwork is often portrayed as being boring. However, it is a vital necessity in the home selling process so you want to know your agent understands the home selling process back to front.

Important Documents

While different sales may include different requirements, and consequently different paperwork, these are a few common pieces of documentation that are involved with all Queensland residential real estate sales;

  • Form PO 6- The Authority To Sell (under the new Property Occupations Act 2014)
  • Form 10 – Notice to your Tenants of your intention to sell
  • Form 9 – Entry advice to the Tenants with each inspection
  • Body Corporate Disclosure Statement – Required for all unit and townhouse sales
  • Residential Contract for Land and Houses – An ‘approved version’ document
  • Residential Contract for Lots in a Community Title Scheme – Units and Townhouses
  • Form 23 – Pool Safety Certificate (this applies to both shared pools – as in a unit complex; and a non-shared pool – as in a private home or courtyard pool within an individual unit or townhouse.


Part and parcel of selling and purchasing property does involve some of the paperwork as  identified above. Associated with that is the issue of your privacy.  For full details about our approach to your privacy can be found HERE

And You’re Done!

With paperwork completed, contract conditions satisfied and settlement day here, your home sale is complete. The work that you and your agent put in months ago has finally paid off. Keys are exchanged and home proceeds are delivered to your bank account. The next phase of your life begins.

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