Preparing Your House for Sale

The sales process begins long before you list your home on the market.  In preparing your house for Sale you need to find an agent, make a plan for sale, determine your sale strategy and most importantly, get the answers to your important questions.

Finding an Agent

Because selling a home can be an emotional experience it is important to find the right agent.  It is our experience at FineLife Property that the best way to find the right agent is to ask around and organise a face to face meeting with the agent. If you have not had a need to use an Agent’s services previously, then some sort of personal introduction or referral through a family member, neighbour or friend will be invaluable. Visiting an Open House in your neighbourhood is a great way to observe an agent in action. You will get first hand impressions of their manner, their professionalism, their style. How does your experience at the Open House make you feel?

It is not uncommon for a seller to consider a number of agents and most professional agents will take no offence.

At FineLife Property we encourage all potential customers to have a face-to-face meeting with us, before signing any paperwork.

Getting your Questions Answered

A professional real estate agent will be able to address a number of questions for you when you meet. Common questions you might ask include:

  • How’s the market looking at the moment?
  • How much is my house worth?
  • When is the best time to sell?
  • What do I need to do to get the house ready?
  • How do you manage it when selling tenanted properties?
  • What costs are generally involved with a house sale?

As your situation will differ from someone else’s, there may be some questions you might have that will become clearer once your specific plan has been prepared by your agent. That plan should reflect you and your circumstances. This is the time to ask about things you have concerns about. For example, having a sign outside your home, your thoughts about inspections, security and Open Houses.

Some other things that may come to mind for you might be ‘What happens on ‘Open House’ day?’ ‘Do you have a buyer on your books already who may be interested?’ ‘What are your agent fees and is marketing included in your fees?’ ‘When do I have to pay agent fees?’ ‘Should I renovate before selling?’ ‘What would your plan be to sell my home?’ As you can see there are a host of possible questions and we are here to work through them with you so you have a clear idea of what’s ahead.

It is worth being aware of agents who are overly eager to offer high sale prices, promises of quick sales and multiple buyers.

You should note that it is not uncommon to speak to a real estate agent, 6 or even 12 months before you intend on selling your home. The more time you have the better.

Getting an Appraisal

An important part of preparing your house for sale is an appraisal. An appraisal is a way of estimating the potential market value of your home against others in the local area that have been recently sold. This provides a starting point for a sale price.

Often, when you meet a real estate agent for the first time they will ask to have a look around your home. The purpose of this ‘tour’ is so the agent can get a better idea of your home and then prepare an appraisal for you.

At FineLife Property we use the most recent property data available to get an accurate idea of your homes potential value.

Remember, this is only a starting point, you may be able to improve the value of your home with a Pre-Listing Plan.

Choosing your Real Estate Agent

Once you have met with an agent and have decided they are the right professional for the job, you will be asked to sign a contract with the agent, to state they are allowed to list your home for sale. And the terms of your sale. This is an important authority document and you should read this before signing. A professional agent will work through this with you prior to signing and will explain it in detail. In fact, here in Queensland, you need to acknowledge on the authority that in fact it has been explained to you! It also allows you to ask any number of questions, to make sure you are happy with what you are signing.


Preparing your house for sale Checklist

  • Find an Agent through referral whom you are comfortable with and believe can do the job
  • Beware of over-the-top promises (if it sounds too good to be true, then chances are it is!)
  • Ask your Agent for an appraisal to determine an estimate of your home value
  • Organise a meeting with your agent to assess all Pre-Listing Preparation Requirements
  • Establish a time line for your sale with your Agent
  • Sign Agency Selling Authority Paperwork

Once you have signed the Selling Authority, it’s time to prepare your home for listing


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