Preparing to Sell Your Home

Create your Plan when Preparing to Sell your Home

Once you have chosen your real estate Agent, you need to start preparing to sell your home. You and your Agent will have determined a time frame to work but it is helpful to check in with your Agent from time to time.  This includes looking at any renovations you intend on completing (minor or major), an estimated listing date and an approximate listing price.

In our experience those sellers who take the time to prepare their home prior to listing give themselves a greater chance to secure a high sale price.

It is also wise to speak to your other professional advisers such as your banker or mortgage broker, to see if there are any requirements around your mortgage, your solicitor who can help you with paperwork and even your accountant to see if there are any tax implications to selling your home.

How much time do you need to prepare?

Ideally you want to give yourself around 3 months to prepare for listing. This time frame will vary between sellers, but 3 months is generally sufficient time for your average house to be ready for sale, so long as there are no major issues to address. You should be aware though, as with all things, there are seasons in the selling market. Generally, the peak seasons occur between September to November and March to May. This of course can be affected by economic conditions and other worldly matters so is given as a general rule of thumb.

To make sure you have sufficient time to  list, its usually better to speak to a real estate Agent sooner rather than later.

Making Changes to your Home

In preparing your home for sale, your real estate agent should make recommendations that will help your home appeal to a wide range of buyers. Specific attention should be given to the factors around your home that your target market is known to appreciate, particularly lifestyle features. Sometimes simple is best when preparing your home for sale. The other great thing about using a proactive real estate Agent is that they will be able to offer a fresh set of eyes when looking at your home. The simple fact that your Agent goes in and out of so many different homes means that they will be able to see what buyers will see when visiting your home for the first time. There are a number of ways to improve your home for sale, such as a fresh coat of paint, gardening and removing old furniture. However, a word of caution. Those fresh eyes of your Agent can make a huge difference to your preparation. They will put perspective around what is and what isn’t required. That may save you some work!

With many interested buyers can come numerous offers – at FineLife Property, we make recommendations to our sellers on how to make their home more appealing to buyers.

As you make changes, you can tick these off your checklist. We like to check in with our sellers, leading up to listing, to ensure everything is on track. We are more than happy to share our experience and advice with sellers to ensure they have the home in the best condition in preparation for inspections of their home.

Final Review

As with all good plans, we like to have a final meeting with our sellers to ensure they are ready and have the home organised. At this stage we also review with you how the home will be presented during inspections, potential Buyer feedback, ideal offers and the potential scenarios they may present plus any specific terms you as the owner may wish to have included in any contracts.

Preparing to sell your home Checklist

  • Create a plan for any jobs that need to be done before listing
  • Speak to your other professional advisers
  • Complete tasks outlined in your plan, ticking them off as you go
  • Have a final pre-listing meeting with your FineLife Property agent

Once you are ready to list, you need to confirm your Personalised Marketing Campaign

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