Outsourcing Real Estate

Outsourcing real estate
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The Value of Outsourcing Real Estate Services to a Professional.




Why talk about Outsourcing here? This is NOT an internet marketing site. However, most of us using “On Line” activities in our lives will no doubt have heard this term. If you own a business, you may have been inundated with many an email or sponsored ad offering to help you grow your business by outsourcing some of the services you need in order to run your business.

Selling Your Brisbane Home

The reason for wanting to talk about Outsourcing here is that sometimes we get bogged down in things when we are trying to save ourselves money. We think we can do it and muddle along to try and save those dollars when an ‘expert’ could handle the task with far more ease, expertise, professionalism and usually with  far better results. These experts also tend to be able to identify issues much more quickly than we can.


Just this week a colleague was discussing having outsourced some of his basic administrative duties to a very experienced book keeper, a marketer and graphic designer. The outcome for him was more time to spend on doing what he did well and therefore providing his clients with a better quality service. He knew what he was good at doing. He was therefore not wasting time doing something that took twice as long as the ‘expert’ and in reality, his whole business has improved. We have all probably fallen into the trap of doing something that would have provided better results if it had been outsourced.


So, Outsourcing and Real Estate! What is the connection?


Think about something you do every day in your work. You develop the skills and become adept at it. It becomes second nature, doesn’t it? If cooking is not your ‘thing’ and you were called upon to produce a banquet at a function for 100 people, it would be something that you would be unlikely to do with ease. And the outcome may be less that the quality expected by the organisers paying you! I believe that no matter how clever or intelligent we think we are, if we are not doing it every day, it is unlikely that we will really know what to do, how to do it properly, know the latest trends or have access to the latest tools required to do that job. What is most likely to happen if we step into something we are not familiar with, there will be a cost. It may be time. It will probably be money.


From a Real Estate perspective, there are many reasons for you to outsource the sale of your home. One of the biggest benefits as I see it is to have someone provide you with objective advice, who can see beyond ‘your stuff’ and help you get clarity. We all tend to live and be ‘blind’ to what’s around us – that pile of bills and pens that sits so conveniently on the end of the hall table or kitchen bench; the mass of paraphernalia we collected with such passion so many years ago and are reluctant part with; the broken gate/cupboard door/rotting stair tread that was meant to be fixed. You will know what I am talking about!


When you take on the “Home Seller” mantle, it can be a bit like walking through a maze. You need to have a plan that is right for you and your situation alone. That’s what outsourcing is about – providing  you with the essential services you need to get a great result.

Getting to the Dream


I always appreciate the complementary feedback I get after providing advice which to me is simple and straight forward. However, for my clients, that ease of providing solutions to help them achieve the next stage of their plans, their dreams, comes from 23 years of going in and out of many homes. I see how different homes look, how they feel and present every day. What screams out needing attention and what doesn’t. Like any learnt skill, I have a huge repertoire of experiences to draw upon when talking to you about your home. That objectivity to see your home through outsider’s eyes is what then helps you gain the clarity needed and most importantly of all, it will get you where you want to go.


So, if it’s Selling Houses #Tarragindi or Selling Houses #Annerley or Selling Houses #Yeronga or wherever you live on Brisbane’s Southside, I’d love to love to give you some simple strategies that will move you!


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