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Open Houses Brisbane:

Why Sellers Who Stay Home Will Cost Themselves $$$

Open Houses Brisbane
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A home means more to us than just shelter. It is the one place on earth where time stands still; every corner of the house, its walls, rooms and fixtures tell stories and relive memories that never remain dormant for long. We hear the sounds of children playing in the back yard, the smell of coffee in the morning and remember the feel of the warm bed we climb into after a hard day at work.

Buying your first home is arguably the greatest milestone in life and has long been considered the Great Australian Dream. People sacrifice a lot and push themselves to extraordinary levels of achievement in order to buy a good home for their family.

For the owner, the home represents his life’s work and it’s not hard to see why so many sellers are emotionally attached to their homes, especially when the time come to sell.

Unfortunately though, these emotional attachments play a huge part in distorting sellers’ expectations. I’m often faced with the difficult task of educating sellers who feel their home is worth more than what the Brisbane property market is depicting, back into some sort of real estate reality.

Thus it is not surprising to deal with sellers who want to be deeply involved in the sales process. They have grown so attached to their homes that it becomes difficult for them to trust anyone involved in the sales process, even an experienced real estate agent.

Unfortunately, this is where the problems begin and sellers can unknowingly shoot themselves in the foot.

This is why opening a house for inspection, otherwise known in real estate language as conducting an open home on a property can be difficult when the seller lives in the property.

In my experience selling property for highly attached home owners in the Tarragindi area, the issues of privacy and security usually come up when we’re discussing open home tactics. Some owners will want to stick around to watch the open home unfold and occasionally some sellers resort to following buyers around the house. A big no no!


Now I can understand how sellers may feel fearful of virtual strangers trudging through their homes but in all my years as an independent real estate agent I have yet to come across a security problem. My real estate agency policies and procedures ensure strict measures are put in place during open houses to ensure nothing goes wrong.

When a seller hangs around the house, they run the risk of putting buyers off. In this situation, it’s heartbreaking for me to watch a seller essentially sabotage their own sale.

Open houses Brisbane

Here’s 3 habits successful sellers adopt to avoid a poor Open House result.


They Be Gone. That’s right, they stay well out of the way. Most sellers get out of the house and go shopping, run errands or visit a neighbour for coffee.


They Trust Their Agent. Successful sellers place full trust in their agent’s ability to get the job done right and attract the result they’re hoping for. If they’ve listed with the right agent, this process will be a breeze.


They Remove Valuables. Anything of real value such as jewellery and sentimental items are temporarily removed from the property. Sometimes sellers like to take down personal photographs which I have no problem with.


All in all, buyers simply feel more “at home” and comfortable to ask (sometimes difficult) questions about the property for sale if they feel they’re not being watched or heard, especially by the seller. This is then valuable feedback for the Seller.


As a local Tarragindi area real estate agent, I understand the anxieties owners feel during the selling process. Prospective buyers may seem like home invaders who are trying to buy your property for a bargain, but if you trust your agent and trust the process, the right buyer could be your blessing in disguise rather than your arch enemy.


Sellers, stay home at your own peril!


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