Open Home or By Appointment? Inspection Options

Once a house is listed for sale, you must decide on whether you would like to have potential buyers come through via an open home or by appointment.

Open Home for Inspection

In our experience an Open Home is the most effective way of getting buyers through the front door and having a look at your home. An Open Home allows buyers to inspect your home without feeling intimidated. While the house selling process can be daunting for sellers, the house buying process is just as daunting for buyers.

Generally, buyers will like to inspect a house and then to see it again, will usually arrange a private inspection, before making an offer.

Some sellers are hesitant to have open homes, predominately because the thought of having multiple buyers in the home at once can be a bit overwhelming. And they worry about security. This is where a professional real estate agent can be helpful. At FineLife Property we make sure your house is ready before the Open Home commences, advising you to ensure valuables are secured and personal affects are locked away.

When buyers attend your home we ask for their details to so that we can track who has attended your home.

Open Homes are valuable in that the number of people viewing your home can be substantially more. Create an accessible, relaxed environment for Buyers and they will be there. Furthermore, when multiple buyers are at the same open home a sense of demand will increase the chance of you receiving an offer and maybe an even higher offer price. You are on the market to sell, aren’t you?

By Appointment Inspection

The alternate option to an open home is an inspection by appointment. This is generally a one-on-one inspection for the buyer to attend the home for a private viewing. While this is common after a buyer has attended an open-home, this can be the sole inspection option for a house. Generally this tends to reduce inspection numbers overall for your home as the ease of accessing your home is perceived to be that little bit harder. Fewer inspections can impact on the level of offers you receive.

However, for some sellers, they would much prefer to have all inspections by appointment only. At FineLife Property we are more than happy to oblige and we work hard to get as many buyers through the door.  At the end of the day selling your home should not be a stressful event and if an open home is not ideal for your circumstances we can suggest alternate ways to improve the number of buyers viewing your home.

Open Home or By Appointment?

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each option, with open homes usually getting many more buyers through a property and ‘by appointment’ being more discrete. Either option will still allow buyers to make an offer and this is only one of the many steps in selling your home.


Inspection Checklist

  • Decide on the Inspection Arrangements (consider your Agent’s advice)
  • Be mindful of Open Home and Appointment presentation and security
  • Check with your agent to see how receptive buyers were to the inspection

The next step after having buyers inspect your home is the negotiation process.

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