Moving For Seniors: 3 Helpful Tips For 50plus Sellers

Moving for Seniors can be especially trying

People move for all reasons, but for most seniors moving often spells a new chapter. Here’s how you can best survive this emotionally driven time.Moving For Seniors

Most of us take for granted the homes we grow up in. So many memories are created inside those four walls, and when the time comes to sell the family home, we often attach a value to it that draws on our memories and emotional experiences at home. Whether this value is correct in real estate terms is a question for your trusted real estate professional.

Every nook, corner, fixture and scent; these are powerful triggers that evoke images and episodes from different periods in our lives. Inevitably, the time will come when these memories will have to be left behind in the place you once called home.

People sell their homes for several reasons. For some, prosperity may have encouraged them to move to a more prestigious neighbourhood. There are those whose job promotion came with a change of address, but for our older generations, selling a home often takes on more significant meaning: it represents a defining new chapter in their lives.

After the sale is complete, comes the most difficult part; moving out of the house.

Quite simply, moving is never easy. It more than just presents both physical and logistical challenges. For some, especially if you’re older, moving out is an emotional challenge and can be filled with many ups and downs that you probably haven’t prepared for.

Apart from the obvious, here are three (3) helpful hints that senior couples or singles for that matter should consider when the time comes for the big move.

1. Call on your family for help

If you’re going to lean on a family member at any stage of your life, this is the time. Undoubtedly moving out is a very stressful time and most adult children and close family members understand this and are more than willing to offer a helping hand. There are so many things that need to be attended to and thought of, and it’s often difficult to manage this process on your own. Having your family involved in the moving out process provides more than just physical assistance. Family can help moderate the emotional distress moving out creates. Imagine going through boxes of baby clothes, photo albums, awards, mementos, certifications, travel souvenirs; these are all powerful triggers of memories long thought of as dormant. The great thing about family is regardless of the changes you go through; they will always remain the constant in your life.

2. Always use a Recommended Removalist

Heavier items like furniture and plants are just some of the items that should never be attempted to move on your own, especially if you’re older. It takes more than strength and numbers to move heavy equipment and furniture safely, and you need experience and the right tools. Most removalist companies also offer packing services where professionals can come in and pack your belongings in a manner that will ensure their survival throughout the move. Essentially, professional moving companies have the three E’s: Experience, Expertise and Equipment to get the job done efficiently and more importantly, get it done safely!

3. Hire a cleaner

The last thing anyone wants to do when they move is to clean the spaces left behind. Moving is not only stressful, but it’s also exhausting, even if you’re not the one who is lifting the heavy boxes. I’m referring to the mental exhaustion that most people experience during a move. Professional cleaners will ensure your much loved home is restored to its sparkling glory. A lasting memory you will want to take with you, rather than one of your home looking like a battlefield.

As a real estate agent working in Brisbane for most of my career, I know of many older couples who have attempted to move on their own, without the help of family, friends or good removalists, and unfortunately for them, the process was a lot more traumatic than what it should have been.

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Don’t put yourself through it! Get the right help and make the move an enjoyable experience, a fantastic start to a new chapter.