Marketing Your Home for Sale – Don’t be Shy When You Sell Your Home

You have ‘fluffed and dusted’ your home and now is not the time to hide behind a bushel. You have made a solid decision about what is happening in the next stage of your life and this is the time to let it all hang out, so to speak.

Marketing your home for sale

You can’t sell a secret so selling a house or apartment or townhouse or villa needs to be shouted out loud so that everyone knows about it. Your buyer, the one who will offer you THE best price, could be anywhere at this very moment. You live in an era where technology is King! This means that you will have a few precious moments in which to grab a potential buyer’s eye and hold their interest.
So, how do you do that? Well-meaning family or friends may counsel you about having a sign up or using the internet but the reality is, you want a sale and that requires exposing yourself or rather, your property! Pardon my frankness, but that is what needs to be done.


Let’s begin with your most effective tool, quality photographs. Nothing will turn a Buyer off more quickly than dark, dingy cluttered looking rooms. Distractions do just that, distract from the full potential of what you are offering them. They flick through property profiles quite fast so once they have narrowed down their search based on location and price range, the next step is for them to find something that appeals. We all turn on to something that grabs our attention and this is more likely to happen if your photographs show well lit, uncluttered spaces. Even small rooms can look bigger by tossing out the excess detritus we gather along the way! Hang the towels straight! Make the bed! Pop the ironing right out of sight. Reward the kids for keeping their rooms tidy. Take all the magnets and notices off the front of the fridge. Mow the grass.


Once you have great photos, you have the platform for fantastic exposure. Promotion of your home should include a display sign out the front and an impressive internet profile at the very least. However, those great pics can also be used for others avenues of promotion eg brochures, newsletters, e-marketing and advertising in print media.


So don’t be shy. It is time to shine!

Have you seen our Home Sellers Checklist for getting the best result on the Sale of your home?

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