Do Glitz and Slick Maketh the Best Agent? How to Compare Real Estate Agents

How to compare real estate agents – Glitz, Slick and Hype or the REAL DEAL

how to compare real estate agents
Real Estate Agent Brisbane – Finding the REAL Agent

When words and actions don’t match, we often wonder why and what on earth is going on inside that person’s head. I can’t tell you the number of times I have come across this very scenario in real estate…

Tell me, who can relate to this?

Mr and Mrs Seller are looking for an agent who is honest, trustworthy, experienced, has a good reputation and is willing to work hard for them. They have come to you off the back of a referral and after meeting with them and establishing a good rapport (or what you thought was a good connection) you know you’ve got this one sealed. You’re really looking forward to working with these sellers because you know just how much value you can give them and cannot wait to begin marketing their property and taking the happy snap with them as you put the sold sticker across the for sale sign.
But whilst you’re day dreaming about how this sale will roll out, you get the dreaded phone call; or these days, email, text message, or worse, Facebook message! Oh, well we decided to go with another agent. You find out the other agent has the qualities of exactly the OPPOSITE to what the clients told you they were looking for in an agent. What is going on? Were these people lying?

Maybe they were lying or quite possibly did these clients simply not know what they really wanted and fell for the pitch, the hype, the flashy car, the shiny shoes or the swift moves of what I will call the Celebrity Agent.

The Rise of the Celebrity Real Estate Agent.

Do they really exist or is it all in our heads?

So who is this Celebrity Agent I am referring to? Did I make it up? Well in short, yes I did make it up. But I’m sure we can all relate to this type of real estate agent and this scenario. We may even know of a name that springs to mind. We have all come across them before, or at least some version of them. They’ve quite possibly been on TV or the radio. She’s spotted driving around Brisbane in her Audi, and more so, she’s backed by a marketing powerhouse that places more emphasis on brand than client; profile rather than ethics and sales numbers rather than happy clients.

Have you been sucked into the hype of the Celebrity Agent?

Now I’m certainly not having a dig at agents who work under our well known brand agencies. I am very good friends with many real estate agents who work with the corporate and franchise agencies and many of these agents are extremely hard working professionals.

What I am referring to is the agents who don’t walk their talk. The Celebrity Agent is all about status. Looking good. But when it comes to their client’s needs, well these come in at second place, because servicing a client and attending to their needs is not on top of their priority list.

Sellers, how do you spot this agent before you are locked into an exclusive agreement with them? One that may be filled with short comings and disappointments?

Re-think your real estate agent Brisbane if you notice any of the following:

  • A niggling gut feeling that this agent is all about themselves.
  • Too good to be true sales results.
  • Big budget marketing campaigns that promote the agent more than your property.
  • An agent who uses cliche phrases when they speak.

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