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Home Presentation

Your next move is to open the front door


For this week’s practical tip on preparing your home for sale, let’s step inside.

What’s behind the front door?


How did you go? The house looking spiffy from the front? The front door gleaming with fresh paint?


Now open the door and let’s move inside.


What do you see? Is this home well presented or does it need some work?


Remember, we are being thoroughly practical here so try to do this with a visitor’s eye, not the one that arrives home each day with so much blind familiarity we fail to see the chaos and clutter! Did I say clutter?



Generally speaking, most homes require one to step into a hallway or entrance area so this should be welcoming, appealing. Other times you are stepping directly into a main room. Take a look around and be honest with what first comes to mind. Or, ask a friend to give you their honest opinion.

Home Presentation Considerations

Is the area well lit with natural light? Could you enhance that with lamps?


If you have a hall table, is it a veritable dumping ground for keys, mail, hats on top; work boots, joggers, school bags below?


Are you stepping over toys, discarded shoes?

Is the carpet looking clean?

Are your floor mats looking as if there is still life in them or should they be given the old heave ho?

Are there scuff trails down the corridor walls where the school bags have been tiredly dragged, where the dog insists on rubbing his coat?


Is there paint spattered on the ‘needing to be re-polished’ floor boards from that job you did 3 years ago and always meant to clean off?

Or, is the piece of skirting board you meant to repaint looking at you, feeling naked?
Glance around the cornices to check for visible cracks that may need attention. Or a dust for cobwebs…….


These have been some of the more common things I have encountered when asked to offer guidance to home owners in the same situation you are in right now. As I mentioned, we often become immune to the unfinished jobs around us. As I look around my office, I immediately see things not in their rightful place, not quite finished so I do understand how ‘things’ can be left undone!

Once inside



But, we are on a mission here, aren’t we? So, let’s keep this positive and be ready to put a big line across another thing on your list of ‘to do’s’ that has been accomplished so far.



Selling Your Home Checklist

Styling Your Home for Sale

Decluttering your Home

If you want to present your home in best light possible, give me a call. I have some great tips and tricks to share.

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