How to Find a Real Estate Agent – 4 Questions To Ask

4 Questions to Ask an Agent that Instantly Qualifies Them for the Job

How To Choose Your AgentWhen it comes to selling your home, home owners are presented with an array of decisions to be made. The toughest of all is deciding on which real estate agent to enlist the services of when the time comes to sell and since there is practically an agent on every corner these days, shuffling through the different names and faces can be somewhat overwhelming, especially to a first time seller who knows no one in real estate.


Sellers often look to friends and family for a referral of a good real estate agent, but what happens if you can’t get a hold of a good referral or even worse, you’re being told that none of the agents in your area are any good?

If you’re stumped for answers, there’s a quick qualifying method you can use to help sort the good from the bad and the experienced from the inexperienced.

As an independent sales agent in Tarragindi, I am often asked about my experience in the local area but what fascinates me is that so many sellers fail to ask what are, in my opinion, the right questions.

Choosing the wrong agent can not only cost you money (on average $20,000) but a heck of a lot of time and sanity in the process. Who has these things to lose?

In addition to asking about an agent’s experience; that is “How Long Have You Been Working In Real Estate Sales”? Here are three more questions that don’t often get asked that will help you get to the truth of how well this agent will potentially perform for you.


Can I speak to a previous client?


According to a July 2013 survey by Real Estate Business Online, 73.5% of respondents believe client testimonials have great value in marketing and promoting the services of an agent. You cannot get a more sincere, honest and genuine validation of your abilities to render a service except from those who have previously used your services. Being able to speak with an agent’s past clients proves the agent has nothing to hide and can give you a firsthand insight into how they do business.


How long have you studied negotiation?


The value of having great negotiating skills cannot be overstated but it is often overlooked by sellers when interviewing for the right agent. Who are you really hiring when you appoint a sales agent? Try to overlook the glitz and glamour of the marketing and get to the core of what sales is really about, and that is negotiation. A good sales agent in my opinion is essentially a skilled negotiator and they should be able to demonstrate these skills to you on the spot.


How many properties in my area have you recently sold?


Simply put, to find a real estate agent who has been able to consistently sell properties in a specified area shows they have built a reputation and relationship within the community. They have established a reliable network of referrals that enable them to maintain their presence. It shows their commitment to the area and you will often find that these agents seem to attract the more qualified buyers who are looking to invest in that specific area. This means your property will be exposed to more buyers than if it were listed with an out of area agent. But don’t just ask, see the proof as well.


The real estate sales process can be quite challenging given the many stages involved and the right agent can make this process seem effortless. Asking the right questions is the first step to ensuring your sale is stress free and the result is better than you expected. The right agent will deliver on all of these.

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