How to Prepare your Home for Sale | Decluttering Your Home


Oh la la! La boudoir

Or is it Oh No No……..

Is it time you considered decluttering your home? 

Let’s take a peek inside your bedrooms.
As you open the doors, what do you see?  We may not all have designer interiors but a semblance of order can create a sense of space, harmony and flow.

Is there plenty of light flooding in or is the ‘mood’ more like the devil’s lair? I did say the house washer would be your best friend but there are two more elements that will also be your allies at sale time and they are loads of natural light and de-cluttering. Preparing your home for sale - Bedrooms


Regarding light, are the curtains and blinds still in good order or should they be removed or replaced? Are they hanging straight? Or missing loop attachments? Blind cords hanging loosely? Unless privacy is a major issue, having none may be the better alternative to sad droopy looking drapes or blinds.


Bedside tables – we all need them but is yours stacked to the ceiling with dozens of half read books and tissue boxes, a coffee mug?


Any built-ins in here? Again, check that your cupboard doors and windows are all opening and closing smoothly. The most crowded rooms in the house often tend to be the children’s rooms where soft toys, lego and books are fighting for the attention of their little owners. A bit of overindulgence at birthdays can now seem to be a bit of a nightmare when trying to sort out how to best handle what is precious or essential and what is not.


decluttering your home


Decluttering Your Home Quick Tips

Have you heard about ‘sanity saviours’ – those clear plastic lidded storage boxes that stack, tidy and allow you to see what’s inside?  If you are a family, you need to keep stress levels down as you progress with your plans and have the kids on side. This is a great time to fall in love with the ‘sanity saviours’. Things can be packed away and low and behold, it will be possible to find that favourite toy when all hell breaks loose! Boxes on wheels are a great idea, also. They can often slide under a bed so they’re easy to get to in an emergency.


Preparing your home for sale using storage boxes

When you move out, you will need to pack up anyway so getting the children to store their precious pieces in these see-through boxes should help keep ‘some’ order here and suggest they donate some of the excess to other children. That gives them a sense of pride as well and can engage them in the process.


Is this time for a bit of bribery and corruption? Well, maybe a little reward for their tidiness wouldn’t go astray.


Remember, clearing clutter is is liberating! The rooms will look bigger, feel bigger. Clutter is a distraction and while many people say they can overlook it, visually it does have an effect on how rooms will feel. It pulls the walls in somewhat.


Well-made, neat beds will work wonders, too. Rather than replace bed linen just for show (although that is a great alternative because you’ll enjoy the pleasure of it when you get to your new home), a simple throw or a new cushion will give the bedding a bit of a lift. If you do decide to update your bedlinen, take time with the selection and choose plainer, more neutrally toned styles that will complement rather that detract from the scheme of your rooms.

Sleep well!


Preparing your home for sale - Bedrooms

Preparing your home for sale - bedrooms Preparing your home for sale and your bedrooms








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