How Long Will It Last?

First Open House and it was Sold!

Sue Jackson


“Let the good times roll” the saying goes.
But how far can it really roll?
The Brisbane Property Market, that is.

The RBA has held interest rates steady again this month and many first home buyers and investors will breathe another sigh of relief if they have put their toes into the water in the past 2 years or so. The current status of the market in Brisbane is really one of  lack of supply of houses. There are plenty of units and townhouses on offer (just cast an eye over our inner city skyline right now) but the reality is that Buyers are flocking to any well priced, mid range homes within a reasonable distance of the city.


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Cheap Isn’t Always Cheerful

Brisbane Removalist

The other day, a funny thing happened. Actually it wasn’t very funny. It was a real let down by another professional service.

Moving house? Need a Brisbane Removalist?

Do you think about saving some money on something you think you could get for less without necessarily compromising what you are after? A service you need? A purchase you are about to make? I know I have.

In January, we had to relocate some of our personal possessions from a storage shed to a container, all within Brisbane as we needed a more cost effective longer term storage solution to suit us. Many of you have had to do this when you move house, of course, and as I have had a couple of moves in recent years, I was familiar with the process. However, this time, I made a decision based on what I thought was a simpler relocation than our previous ones and engaged a different Brisbane removalist. I thought I would take a cheaper option. Ha ha! That was the wrong decision. (more…)

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5 Open House Tips To Avoid Disaster

5 Open House Tips for s Successful Sale

Open House Tips
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

The excitement of your first open house! You want it to be perfect, and most all, drama free. But what happens when things go wrong? Or more importantly, what actually CAN go wrong at an open house inspection? We share 5 open house tips to ensure your open house goes smoothly.

As a selling agent in Brisbane’s inner south, I have conducted, and helped sellers prepare for literally hundreds of open house inspection over the years, and time and time again, the same things will come up.


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6 Low Cost Ways of Adding Value to Your Home

The decision to renovate or make improvements to your home is often one that comes with an array of feelings. Excitement, nerves and the thrill of picking out paint colours and matching homewares all play a role in the first time renovator’s mind.

For those lucky enough to be blessed with wads of cash to throw into a renovation, the sky is the limit when it comes to how far you can go when it comes to transforming a property, but for the budget conscious home owner or property investor, maximising bang for buck and stretching your hard earned dollars as far as they will go will ultimately be the key to success.

Adding Value to your home can be done on a shoestring budget – the trick is to pick the right renovations that add the most amount of value with the least financial output


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Selling Tenanted Properties

Selling Tenanted Houses
Selling Tenanted Houses

Can tenants ruin a sale? Absolutely! Work with, rather than against your tenants using these four simple pointers…

I recently sold a property that was tenanted and much to my delight, the tenants were an absolute pleasure to work with and really helped the sale run smoothly.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. A poorly behaving tenant can put an end to the usual smooth sailing and their actions can sometimes go as far as affecting the final sale price of the property – in a downward way!



Interviewing a Real Estate Agent: 3 THINGS TO NEVER TELL

Want top Dollar for your property? Don’t say this when interviewing a REAL ESTATE AGENT

interviewing a real estate agent
Real Estate Agent Brisbane

Despite all of the information available on the Internet, there are some endeavors that you absolutely have to leave in the hands of professionals. Engaging with a real estate agent is one of those. Whether you are buying or selling property, delving into real estate involves a great deal of time, effort and most of all, skill.

Hiring a real estate agent provides you with a number of advantages. First, an agent has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process and thus, saves you time in learning the nuances of the industry by yourself. Second, an agent has a network of connections that will broaden your search for buyers. Third, and most importantly, an agent is not emotionally connected to the property and this allows her to negotiate from a stronger mindset.

However, the decision to hire an agent means you must go through the process of interviewing a real estate agent to market your property.


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How To Make The Most Of Your Open House

Open Houses Brisbane:

Why Sellers Who Stay Home Will Cost Themselves $$$

Open Houses Brisbane
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

A home means more to us than just shelter. It is the one place on earth where time stands still; every corner of the house, its walls, rooms and fixtures tell stories and relive memories that never remain dormant for long. We hear the sounds of children playing in the back yard, the smell of coffee in the morning and remember the feel of the warm bed we climb into after a hard day at work.

Buying your first home is arguably the greatest milestone in life and has long been considered the Great Australian Dream. People sacrifice a lot and push themselves to extraordinary levels of achievement in order to buy a good home for their family.


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How to take the Sizzle OUT of the bedroom | Preparing a House for Sale |

Sex sells (or so they say). However when it comes to selling a home, ‘Sexy…’ may be a disadvantage.

 Preparing a House for Sale
Real Estate Services Brisbane

When preparing a house for sale the bedroom is an interesting place to consider, as it is an intimate area of the home for the seller and it is about to be put on display to the public. As an agent I recommend my clients aim to tone down anything in the bedroom (that’s right, time to put your copy of 50 Shades of Grey away) and aim for space, light and modern. The purpose of this is to encourage the Buyer to see themselves living in the property, not the current owners.


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How to Prepare your Home for Sale | Decluttering Your Home


Oh la la! La boudoir

Or is it Oh No No……..

Is it time you considered decluttering your home? 

Let’s take a peek inside your bedrooms.
As you open the doors, what do you see?  We may not all have designer interiors but a semblance of order can create a sense of space, harmony and flow.

Is there plenty of light flooding in or is the ‘mood’ more like the devil’s lair? I did say the house washer would be your best friend but there are two more elements that will also be your allies at sale time and they are loads of natural light and de-cluttering. Preparing your home for sale - Bedrooms


Regarding light, are the curtains and blinds still in good order or should they be removed or replaced? Are they hanging straight? Or missing loop attachments? Blind cords hanging loosely? Unless privacy is a major issue, having none may be the better alternative to sad droopy looking drapes or blinds.


Bedside tables – we all need them but is yours stacked to the ceiling with dozens of half read books and tissue boxes, a coffee mug?


Any built-ins in here? Again, check that your cupboard doors and windows are all opening and closing smoothly. The most crowded rooms in the house often tend to be the children’s rooms where soft toys, lego and books are fighting for the attention of their little owners. A bit of overindulgence at birthdays can now seem to be a bit of a nightmare when trying to sort out how to best handle what is precious or essential and what is not.



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How to Prepare your Home for Sale | Home Presentation Inside

Home Presentation

Your next move is to open the front door


For this week’s practical tip on preparing your home for sale, let’s step inside.

What’s behind the front door?


How did you go? The house looking spiffy from the front? The front door gleaming with fresh paint?


Now open the door and let’s move inside.


What do you see? Is this home well presented or does it need some work?


Remember, we are being thoroughly practical here so try to do this with a visitor’s eye, not the one that arrives home each day with so much blind familiarity we fail to see the chaos and clutter! Did I say clutter?



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How to Prepare your Home | Styling Your Home For Sale


Is the front door a little wonky


Questions. Questions. And First Impressions

Styling Your Home For Sale


Can’t work out where to begin? Why don’t you take a walk outside and start at the very beginning. Even if your home is an apartment, the front door or gate is a very good place to start.


The questions I would ask myself would be:


“Is the entrance looking smart, clean, inviting?”

“Is the gate hanging straight and the fence in good order?”

“Are the hedges behind it trimmed and tidy?”

“Are there things lying around the garden that can be tossed out or put away?” Broken pot plan holders, children’s toys, gardening equipment, the dog’s play things, dilapidated garden furniture?

“Do the gardens and plants look as if somebody loves them or are they tired, overgrown and woolly?”


There have been instances where overgrown shrubbery has given the perception of a smaller home than it actually is so a buyer has driven on by.  Silly, I know, but we are looking at everything you can attend to to maximize your home’s appeal, that all important first impression.


“Is the front pathway in need of repaving, some repair?”styling your home for sale

“Are there tree roots lifting pavers?”

“Are the front stairs sound or are there a couple of loose treads needing attention?”

“How about the railings? Do they need an extra bolt or two?”

You would be amazed how many people misinterpret minor defects as reflective of something more ominous!


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