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Who is the RIGHT agent when it comes to selling a deceased estate?

real estate agent deceased estate - finding the right one
Wendy Russell

Selling a deceased estate can be difficult, that’s why getting the right agent can be important. So, who is the right agent ? With our current focus on helping families, it’s a pleasure to have my colleague, Wendy Russell, Buyers Agent extraordinaire, write an article for me based on her recent and very personal experiences when a family member died late last year.  Dealing with a Deceased Estate is not confined to the older generation obviously, but more often than not, we associate the older generation with having to deal with it more frequently than younger members of the family. Here is Wendy’s experience.


Winding up an estate is not just something that older people have to deal with. It can be thrust upon you at any stage in your life. Being prepared is something I’d never thought of until it happened to me.

Selling a deceased estate can be difficult for all involved

When my uncle passed away fairly unexpectedly last year, I was hit for six. Dealing with the death of loved one is never an easy experience and probably not one that twenty or thirty somethings think about until the unexpected happens.Since he had no wife, no kids and no other immediate family other than myself, my sister and my dad, well, it was up to us to make the necessary arrangements to say goodbye.


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Seniors Real Estate Services and Why it May Affect You

An added focus for us from here on in is to assist Seniors with their real estate needs. For you young ones reading this, we are not shifting our entire focus to working with the oldies. We want you, as well as your parents, to know that we have a particular interest in helping families who are facing up to change.seniors services It is highly likely that your mum or dad is helping their mum and / or dad right now with their future. It’s pretty daunting when an older person is faced with moving house, particularly when they have lived there for 30-50 years! Having had personal experiences with this ourselves, we each want to offer a caring, guiding service to Brisbane families dealing with these situations.


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Moving For Seniors: 3 Helpful Tips For 50plus Sellers

Moving for Seniors can be especially trying

People move for all reasons, but for most seniors moving often spells a new chapter. Here’s how you can best survive this emotionally driven time.Moving For Seniors

Most of us take for granted the homes we grow up in. So many memories are created inside those four walls, and when the time comes to sell the family home, we often attach a value to it that draws on our memories and emotional experiences at home. Whether this value is correct in real estate terms is a question for your trusted real estate professional.


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Seniors Services for Real Estate (Medium)

Seniors Real Estate Services in Brisbane –
How Do you Protect Your Mum and Dad?

The “Sandwich Generation” Part 3

It always comes as quite a shock when your parents decide to sell the home you grew up in. Whatever reason brings about the sale, be it to downsize, relocate to a new area or the unfortunate circumstances of a deceased estate, the sale of your family home is by far the most emotional sale you’ll be involved in.

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When Our Parents Become Our Children

Introducing my esteemed colleague, Gary Weigh. Gary is a nonaligned Financial Adviser and with many of our recent conversations touching upon the concerns people are having around parents who are seniors and the issues we all face as they age, Gary has offered to provide some practical tips for you based upon his field of expertise,  Financial Advice For Seniors. This is particularly relevant in this current economic climate and more often than not, property and finances are intertwined.

Here is his aptly titled article – “When Our Parents Become Our Children”

Aide domicile
When your Senior Needs Assistance

There is nothing quite as heart wrenching as watching our parents decline physically and mentally through the final stages of life.  After all, these are our parents; the very pillars of our existence. They produced us; raised us, loved us, provided for us and, in most cases, were always there for us.

When parents age beyond their capability to care for themselves, it can be a most difficult time for adult children.  Even though the very same adult children have kids of their own, it is still a strange experience having to care for Mum and Dad.


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4 People You Need To Contact If Mum and Dad Are No Longer Coping

Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane
Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane

The “Sandwich Generation” Part 2 –
Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane

Are you caught in the middle trying to help your parents navigate the later stages of their lives? 

The realisation that your parents may no longer be in full control of their lives is scary to say the least. What initially brought my attention to this cold hard fact were unpaid bills and missed appointments which led to accompanying Mum on a string of doctor’s visits. My brothers and I now had to seriously take a vested interest in mum’s health because the uncertainty of her ability to manage things was becoming alarming.

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4 Signs That Mum and Dad Aren’t Coping Anymore

Aged Care Services Brisbane
Are Mum and Dad coping?

 The “Sandwich Generation” Part 1

We’ve heard of the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y, but who is the somewhat forgotten Sandwich Generation? We are constantly reading articles and seeing via the media’s watchful eye what Gen Y is up to and how the Baby Boomers are affecting the property market, but why has the Sandwich Generation been left out of the mix?

If you’re wondering who this group of people is, I can sum them up in one word – caretakers.

That’s right, the Sandwich Generation are the 50 – 65 year olds who are coming to terms with their parents limitations brought about by old age at the same time juggling their now grown up children’s adult responsibilities that come with home ownership, marriage and raising a family to name a few.


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