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I Saw A Sign The Other Day

Building Inspections
Building inspections

And it got me thinking…… about building inspections. 

What if buying a “lemon” got you into the housing market?

What if buying a “lemon” got you into the best street in the suburb?

What if buying a “lemon” gave you the chance to build up some equity quickly so that you could begin renovating? Or sell and upgrade?


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3 Great Reasons To Have A Best Friend With A Mum In Real Estate

Talking Real Estate With A Friend
Real Estate Services Brisbane

I was catching up with some close friends recently and like clockwork, the conversation quickly turned to real estate.

Now I know some agents absolutely despise doing the Real Estate Q and A talk when they’re off the clock or out with friends, but for me, living and breathing property means it’s difficult to switch off, and nor do I want to. Especially if I know I can help a friend or provide some quick advice that will help steer even a perfect stranger in the right direction when it comes to buying or selling property.

During this conversation I was having, it started to dawn on me that I had unknowingly played quite a significant role in the property investing life of my daughter’s best friend.

As many mums would agree, your children’s closest friends often end up as adopted sons and daughters of your own and it usually gets to the point where you start looking out for them just like you would your own siblings.

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3 Things Smart Investors Do At The Turn Of The Financial Year

Real Estate Property Investments
Being Savvy at the Beginning of the Financial Year

Barb Johnston Which White
Fresh Paint Works Wonders on Real Estate Property Investments

As the end of the financial year approaches, there is usually a mad panic to get the ‘house in order’, make sure what needs to be claimed has been accounted for or look to purchasing before the 30th June deadline.  Now that the new financial year has begun, many property investors are beginning to ask themselves the usual questions of “Do I buy more property this year?”  “Is now the right time to invest or should I wait?” And one of my all time favourites, “What should I do to get the most out of my existing investment properties?”


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4 Simple Steps To Better Decision Making

Making Better Real Estate Decisions

Who Do YOU Trust
Real Estate Advice Brisbane Who Do YOU Trust?

The decisions we make on a daily basis really can affect the rest of our lives. Whether these decisions are conscious or unconscious, what I have come to learn in my many years as a real estate professional is the people we trust to help in our decision making processes may not always be the best choice.

I am often described by my clients as having a really good way of giving them clarity and ‘telling them how it is’.


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4 Ways Buyers Self Sabotage Their Contract And Lose Their Dream Home

Your Real Estate Agent can be Your Brisbane Buyers Agent too!

Crashed Contract
Brisbane Buyers Agent – Avoiding the Pain

With my Buyers Advocate hat on, here are 4 tips to help you buy well.

Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that anything can happen in the game of real estate, particularly when it comes to navigating the buying/selling process.

For experienced investors, the process that follows after negotiations are finalised and a contract of sale is signed, is one that can quite often be anything but predictable. Every sale is different and the process can take many different turns depending on several factors relating to the property, the parties and the contract terms and conditions.

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How to Buy a Property in Brisbane’s Tight Market

Buying Property Brisbane

“Buying Property 101 – How to Avoid Missing Out in a Multi-Offer Situation”

How To Buy Property in Brisbane
Buying Property Brisbane

Have you ever gone to buy a house and the agent told you there were other people putting offers in also?

The moment I disclose this situation to a potential buyer is the moment I notice their expression seemingly change from excitement to concern.

No one wants to miss out on a property they have their heart set on, especially when they’re prepared to pay good money to secure the deal.


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Brisbane Property Market 2015 – Just Headlines or The Reality?

What’s Really Happening in the Brisbane Property Market 2015 at a Local Level?

News headlines
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

When it comes to real estate, there tends to be a bit of a disconnect between what we read in the press or see on the news and what is happening on the ground. This comes down to a number of reasons – one being that most news reports are based on national property prices, with a strong emphasis on the Melbourne and Sydney markets.

While this is a good starting point, and may meet the needs of economists and policy makers – this news can be of little use to local property buyers and sellers – who need to know what is happening in their suburb.


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