How to Find a Real Estate Agent – 4 Questions To Ask

4 Questions to Ask an Agent that Instantly Qualifies Them for the Job

How To Choose Your AgentWhen it comes to selling your home, home owners are presented with an array of decisions to be made. The toughest of all is deciding on which real estate agent to enlist the services of when the time comes to sell and since there is practically an agent on every corner these days, shuffling through the different names and faces can be somewhat overwhelming, especially to a first time seller who knows no one in real estate.



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Brisbane Property Market 2015 – Just Headlines or The Reality?

What’s Really Happening in the Brisbane Property Market 2015 at a Local Level?

News headlines
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

When it comes to real estate, there tends to be a bit of a disconnect between what we read in the press or see on the news and what is happening on the ground. This comes down to a number of reasons – one being that most news reports are based on national property prices, with a strong emphasis on the Melbourne and Sydney markets.

While this is a good starting point, and may meet the needs of economists and policy makers – this news can be of little use to local property buyers and sellers – who need to know what is happening in their suburb.


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Does Size Matter? Brisbane Property Market Trends

Brisbane Property Market Trends – Buyers Value Finish Over Size and Location

Does Size Matter
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

It might be stating the obvious but many people like bright shiny objects and the housing market is no different. There is a current trend I see in Brisbane’s real estate market to base the buying decision on the property’s age. This is most noticeable in the apartment market.

One of the drivers behind this is a resurgence in the desire to live close to the CBD and have access to transport, trendy restaurants and general nightlife. These buyers are generally younger and often are looking at this property as a first home. The Brisbane real estate market offers multiple areas for these buyers to purchase a property that meets these requirements.


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Buying a Renovator – Are you REALLY Ready to Renovate?

Buying a Renovator in Brisbane – The Difference Between Cosmetics and Renovations

Renovator or Cosmetics
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

The process of a home sale is to provide the seller with the tools to attract the perfect buyer and for the buyer to have a clear picture of what to expect when they get to the property. Simple, really! Or is it?


My obligation is to be accurate with my portrayal of the home. A 2 bedroom apartment tucked into a backstreet with no view will be incredibly disappointing if the description includes ‘city glimpses’ when in fact you get that glimpse when you swing down an neighboring street! Or it’s described as fully renovated when all that’s been done is the toilet seat has been replaced and lick of paint has been thrown around.


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Selling Your Home Tips in Storm Season

Selling Your Home – How Regular Maintenance Can Protect Your Home

Thunderstorm In The City by SupertrooperThere are many things to consider when selling your home and with the advent of recent storms in Brisbane I thought it prudent to talk about the benefits of ongoing maintenance.  The first and most obvious consideration is that with ongoing maintenance home owners can prevent or reduce the damage caused by natural disasters. A simple example is the removal of leaves from gutters, especially leading up to the storm season. Blocked gutters can result in water overflowing under roof sheeting and tiles and into the ceiling cavities, which can result in costly damage.


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How to take the Sizzle OUT of the bedroom | Preparing a House for Sale |

Sex sells (or so they say). However when it comes to selling a home, ‘Sexy…’ may be a disadvantage.

 Preparing a House for Sale
Real Estate Services Brisbane

When preparing a house for sale the bedroom is an interesting place to consider, as it is an intimate area of the home for the seller and it is about to be put on display to the public. As an agent I recommend my clients aim to tone down anything in the bedroom (that’s right, time to put your copy of 50 Shades of Grey away) and aim for space, light and modern. The purpose of this is to encourage the Buyer to see themselves living in the property, not the current owners.


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How to Clean Your Air Conditioner – Brought to you by HydroKleen

Kirstie ZillmaMeet local business owner, Kirstie Zillman.

She and her husband Andrew own our local HydroKleen business and I asked Kirstie a few questions about their service.

If you’re thinking of selling your home it may be worthwhile cleaning your air conditioner. While you may wish to do this yourself, this simple, cost effective procedure could be worth considering if you are unsure of what you are doing. Imagine how good it would be to have all of your air conditioning units looking and smelling like new again!





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Outsourcing Real Estate

Outsourcing real estate
The Latest Buzz Word
The Value of Outsourcing Real Estate Services to a Professional.




Why talk about Outsourcing here? This is NOT an internet marketing site. However, most of us using “On Line” activities in our lives will no doubt have heard this term. If you own a business, you may have been inundated with many an email or sponsored ad offering to help you grow your business by outsourcing some of the services you need in order to run your business.


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Sell Your Investment Property Easily

sell investment propertyGetting more bang for your buck!!


You’ve made the decision to sell your investment property.

It has been managed well and giving you good returns so you’ve had peace of mind.

You want things to run smoothly, don’t you?

Does this sound like the sort of outcome you would want?

You really need to consider this!


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Home Seller Mistakes to avoid when selling your home

The hidden costs of trying to save a buck!


Home seller mistakes

We all like to get great value, don’t we? Save a penny here, save a penny there.


Well, when I heard this story recently, it was enough to make me cringe. It has to do with buying a home privately and the potential perils of doing so!


My colleague, a registered valuer, is the epitome of professionalism so his story will be the facts. He told us about a job he had been called in to do recently here in Brisbane. There will be no names or specific locations mentioned.


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10 Secrets of Feng Shui to Sell Your Home

It’s always interesting when you chance upon some new ideas that may help you with a current endeavour. If you follow these tips, it will help you sell your home in a timely manner and at a premium price.

Add a little ……

Feng shui to sell home

  • Make sure the clutter is cleared out of your entire home. Most homes can benefit from removing about ¼ of the furniture and belongings. Create a home that feels spacious. Open up the floor space. You’ll feel liberated as well so that’s an extra bonus.


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Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Brisbane

The Fine Art of Choosing YOUR Agent

Choosing a real estate agent
In any real estate market, the question is often asked, “What exactly do agents do to earn their commission?”

On a typical sale, the agency receives around 2% of the value of the home. Of course a large percentage of that goes to the principal to cover running costs etc. (which really add up!).

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Presenting a Home for Sale: Maintenance

Presenting a Home for Sale: Importance of Maintenance  The thing we all hate - MAINTENANCE! However, by keeping on top of it will make your steps to preparing your home for…

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Tips for Selling Your Home: Bedrooms

Tips for Selling Your Home: Bedrooms If you have decided to sell your home, you will find that great property presentation will enhance your  home and help you achieve the…

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Downsizing Your Home. The new Black!

Setting the fashion trend in Brisbane.

Downsizing your home
Are we finally growing up? Are we recognising that the need for acres of space, every bell and whistle, does not necessarily fulfil the modern dream of home ownership in Brisbane.


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Presenting Your House For Sale to Sell Your Home For More

The 5 Top Tips to Help you Sell for More



Presenting your house for sale

Property presentation to maximise the sale price of your home is about removing any excuse for a buyer to ask for a price reduction.

If you follow and apply the 5 steps below, you’ll dramatically reduce the chance of “leaving money on the table” when you sell.


 Property Presentation Tip:

Tip No. 1

Clean your house from top to bottom, inside and out

And then do your best to keep it clean and tidy until sold.

Cleaning costs nothing but if the carpets and curtains could do with a professional “deep clean”, it’s well worth the money.



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What to Ask When You Buy a Home

buying a home questions




Ok, so you’ve pored over the property marketing materials, gazed longingly at the glossy property photography and taken the virtual tour about a thousand times since your showings – your heart is set on the house. But how much do you really know about it?

The answer is you probably don’t know that much, other than the fact that you think you’d really love to live there. However, you shouldn’t let the emotional connection you may have formed with a home deter you from discovering as much as possibly about a property before you commit to buy.

Buyers who are serious about purchasing a home need to ask a couple of key questions before they enter seriously into the process of offering and negotiating – as the answers can save them money, and heartache down the line.



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Don’t Slip Under The Home Buyers’ Radar – Presenting Your Home For Sale

Home Owners Avoid Slipping Under The Home Buyers’ Radar




When you choose an agent who totally understands about presenting your home for sale by using a variety of resources to ensure it’s seen by the maximum number of the right people, you’ll be doing yourself a big favour.


Good old-fashioned ‘word of mouth’ and ‘networking’ are valuable tools, used by the best agents in the industry to put their sellers’ properties on the real estate radar. Whilst there are countless examples of properties that have sold using just this one method alone, you are potentially missing out on a much larger pool of cashed-up buyers if you don’t engage in a holistic marketing attack incorporating all the tools at your disposal.

Is you home on their radar?

For example, visually appealing and inviting signage in front of your property sings out to buyers and captures their attention. It says, “You’ve discovered my beautiful neighbourhood. You’ve seen this fantastic street. You know how close I am to everything, and you know what I’m like from the outside… You’ve just got to arrange an appointment to come in and inspect me”. Buyers who enquire about properties after they discover them from For Sale signs are very strong prospects indeed.



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Quick tips For Selling Your House

Fluff and Dust - a Quick Guide to presenting your home for Sale   Are you wondering what ‘Fluff and Dust’ is all about?   You have made the decision,…

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How to Prepare your Home for Sale | Decluttering Your Home


Oh la la! La boudoir

Or is it Oh No No……..

Is it time you considered decluttering your home? 

Let’s take a peek inside your bedrooms.
As you open the doors, what do you see?  We may not all have designer interiors but a semblance of order can create a sense of space, harmony and flow.

Is there plenty of light flooding in or is the ‘mood’ more like the devil’s lair? I did say the house washer would be your best friend but there are two more elements that will also be your allies at sale time and they are loads of natural light and de-cluttering. Preparing your home for sale - Bedrooms


Regarding light, are the curtains and blinds still in good order or should they be removed or replaced? Are they hanging straight? Or missing loop attachments? Blind cords hanging loosely? Unless privacy is a major issue, having none may be the better alternative to sad droopy looking drapes or blinds.


Bedside tables – we all need them but is yours stacked to the ceiling with dozens of half read books and tissue boxes, a coffee mug?


Any built-ins in here? Again, check that your cupboard doors and windows are all opening and closing smoothly. The most crowded rooms in the house often tend to be the children’s rooms where soft toys, lego and books are fighting for the attention of their little owners. A bit of overindulgence at birthdays can now seem to be a bit of a nightmare when trying to sort out how to best handle what is precious or essential and what is not.



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How to Prepare your Home for Sale | Home Presentation Inside

Home Presentation

Your next move is to open the front door


For this week’s practical tip on preparing your home for sale, let’s step inside.

What’s behind the front door?


How did you go? The house looking spiffy from the front? The front door gleaming with fresh paint?


Now open the door and let’s move inside.


What do you see? Is this home well presented or does it need some work?


Remember, we are being thoroughly practical here so try to do this with a visitor’s eye, not the one that arrives home each day with so much blind familiarity we fail to see the chaos and clutter! Did I say clutter?



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How to Prepare your Home | Styling Your Home For Sale


Is the front door a little wonky


Questions. Questions. And First Impressions

Styling Your Home For Sale


Can’t work out where to begin? Why don’t you take a walk outside and start at the very beginning. Even if your home is an apartment, the front door or gate is a very good place to start.


The questions I would ask myself would be:


“Is the entrance looking smart, clean, inviting?”

“Is the gate hanging straight and the fence in good order?”

“Are the hedges behind it trimmed and tidy?”

“Are there things lying around the garden that can be tossed out or put away?” Broken pot plan holders, children’s toys, gardening equipment, the dog’s play things, dilapidated garden furniture?

“Do the gardens and plants look as if somebody loves them or are they tired, overgrown and woolly?”


There have been instances where overgrown shrubbery has given the perception of a smaller home than it actually is so a buyer has driven on by.  Silly, I know, but we are looking at everything you can attend to to maximize your home’s appeal, that all important first impression.


“Is the front pathway in need of repaving, some repair?”styling your home for sale

“Are there tree roots lifting pavers?”

“Are the front stairs sound or are there a couple of loose treads needing attention?”

“How about the railings? Do they need an extra bolt or two?”

You would be amazed how many people misinterpret minor defects as reflective of something more ominous!


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