Phone a Friend or Neighbour

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Why phone a friend or neighbour?
Because all is not as it seems and they are in it for the money.


It’s tricky isn’t it? Life has thrown you a curve ball or you are simply making a huge lifestyle decision because you realize you need to downsize and move on from the home you have lived in forever. When faced with a move out of your home after years of living there and you feel you have no idea who to turn to for advice, it can seem overwhelming. This may not be you yourself who is moving but mum and dad who need you to help them.


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How Long Will It Last?

First Open House and it was Sold!

Sue Jackson


“Let the good times roll” the saying goes.
But how far can it really roll?
The Brisbane Property Market, that is.

The RBA has held interest rates steady again this month and many first home buyers and investors will breathe another sigh of relief if they have put their toes into the water in the past 2 years or so. The current status of the market in Brisbane is really one of  lack of supply of houses. There are plenty of units and townhouses on offer (just cast an eye over our inner city skyline right now) but the reality is that Buyers are flocking to any well priced, mid range homes within a reasonable distance of the city.


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Cheap Isn’t Always Cheerful

Brisbane Removalist

The other day, a funny thing happened. Actually it wasn’t very funny. It was a real let down by another professional service.

Moving house? Need a Brisbane Removalist?

Do you think about saving some money on something you think you could get for less without necessarily compromising what you are after? A service you need? A purchase you are about to make? I know I have.

In January, we had to relocate some of our personal possessions from a storage shed to a container, all within Brisbane as we needed a more cost effective longer term storage solution to suit us. Many of you have had to do this when you move house, of course, and as I have had a couple of moves in recent years, I was familiar with the process. However, this time, I made a decision based on what I thought was a simpler relocation than our previous ones and engaged a different Brisbane removalist. I thought I would take a cheaper option. Ha ha! That was the wrong decision. (more…)

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Finding heart

Selling a property, especially a family home where memories have been born, bred and re-lived is probably one of the most stressful things you will do in your life.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done it before myself, and I’ve helped so many other families facilitate the journey from old home to new in my profession as a Brisbane real estate agent.


3 Tell Tale Signs Your Agent is Working For The Buyer

Realestate Agent Brisbane
Realestate Agent Brisbane

No seller wants to think their agent is working for the buyer, but in the big bad world of real estate, this happens ALL THE TIME.

How do I know?

Because throughout my many years in the industry, I’ve see it in action time and time again from agents who are quite simply, desperate for a sale. Any sale, at any price, despite what is in their client’s (the seller’s) best interests.

So why do they do this?

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Who is the RIGHT agent when it comes to selling a deceased estate?

real estate agent deceased estate - finding the right one
Wendy Russell

Selling a deceased estate can be difficult, that’s why getting the right agent can be important. So, who is the right agent ? With our current focus on helping families, it’s a pleasure to have my colleague, Wendy Russell, Buyers Agent extraordinaire, write an article for me based on her recent and very personal experiences when a family member died late last year.  Dealing with a Deceased Estate is not confined to the older generation obviously, but more often than not, we associate the older generation with having to deal with it more frequently than younger members of the family. Here is Wendy’s experience.


Winding up an estate is not just something that older people have to deal with. It can be thrust upon you at any stage in your life. Being prepared is something I’d never thought of until it happened to me.

Selling a deceased estate can be difficult for all involved

When my uncle passed away fairly unexpectedly last year, I was hit for six. Dealing with the death of loved one is never an easy experience and probably not one that twenty or thirty somethings think about until the unexpected happens.Since he had no wife, no kids and no other immediate family other than myself, my sister and my dad, well, it was up to us to make the necessary arrangements to say goodbye.


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I Saw A Sign The Other Day

Building Inspections
Building inspections

And it got me thinking…… about building inspections. 

What if buying a “lemon” got you into the housing market?

What if buying a “lemon” got you into the best street in the suburb?

What if buying a “lemon” gave you the chance to build up some equity quickly so that you could begin renovating? Or sell and upgrade?


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Seniors Real Estate Services and Why it May Affect You

An added focus for us from here on in is to assist Seniors with their real estate needs. For you young ones reading this, we are not shifting our entire focus to working with the oldies. We want you, as well as your parents, to know that we have a particular interest in helping families who are facing up to change.seniors services It is highly likely that your mum or dad is helping their mum and / or dad right now with their future. It’s pretty daunting when an older person is faced with moving house, particularly when they have lived there for 30-50 years! Having had personal experiences with this ourselves, we each want to offer a caring, guiding service to Brisbane families dealing with these situations.


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5 Open House Tips To Avoid Disaster

5 Open House Tips for s Successful Sale

Open House Tips
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

The excitement of your first open house! You want it to be perfect, and most all, drama free. But what happens when things go wrong? Or more importantly, what actually CAN go wrong at an open house inspection? We share 5 open house tips to ensure your open house goes smoothly.

As a selling agent in Brisbane’s inner south, I have conducted, and helped sellers prepare for literally hundreds of open house inspection over the years, and time and time again, the same things will come up.


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3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Sell a House

Blooming flora and sun kissed breezes; what is there not to like about spring. Not only is this time of year one of my personal favourites but it’s also one of the best times to sell a house.

In the real estate industry, spring has long been identified as a busy time in property and for many years I’ve contemplated the reasons why.

Does being the busiest equate to being the best or most ideal time to sell property?

Not necessarily, but I’ve always believed there are a combination of factors that go into the best time to sell.

Here are three (3) reasons why people traditionally regard spring as the prime buying and selling season for real estate in Brisbane. (more…)

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6 Low Cost Ways of Adding Value to Your Home

The decision to renovate or make improvements to your home is often one that comes with an array of feelings. Excitement, nerves and the thrill of picking out paint colours and matching homewares all play a role in the first time renovator’s mind.

For those lucky enough to be blessed with wads of cash to throw into a renovation, the sky is the limit when it comes to how far you can go when it comes to transforming a property, but for the budget conscious home owner or property investor, maximising bang for buck and stretching your hard earned dollars as far as they will go will ultimately be the key to success.

Adding Value to your home can be done on a shoestring budget – the trick is to pick the right renovations that add the most amount of value with the least financial output


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Moving For Seniors: 3 Helpful Tips For 50plus Sellers

Moving for Seniors can be especially trying

People move for all reasons, but for most seniors moving often spells a new chapter. Here’s how you can best survive this emotionally driven time.Moving For Seniors

Most of us take for granted the homes we grow up in. So many memories are created inside those four walls, and when the time comes to sell the family home, we often attach a value to it that draws on our memories and emotional experiences at home. Whether this value is correct in real estate terms is a question for your trusted real estate professional.


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Seniors Services for Real Estate (Medium)

Seniors Real Estate Services in Brisbane –
How Do you Protect Your Mum and Dad?

The “Sandwich Generation” Part 3

It always comes as quite a shock when your parents decide to sell the home you grew up in. Whatever reason brings about the sale, be it to downsize, relocate to a new area or the unfortunate circumstances of a deceased estate, the sale of your family home is by far the most emotional sale you’ll be involved in.


When Our Parents Become Our Children

Introducing my esteemed colleague, Gary Weigh. Gary is a nonaligned Financial Adviser and with many of our recent conversations touching upon the concerns people are having around parents who are seniors and the issues we all face as they age, Gary has offered to provide some practical tips for you based upon his field of expertise,  Financial Advice For Seniors. This is particularly relevant in this current economic climate and more often than not, property and finances are intertwined.

Here is his aptly titled article – “When Our Parents Become Our Children”

Aide domicile
When your Senior Needs Assistance

There is nothing quite as heart wrenching as watching our parents decline physically and mentally through the final stages of life.  After all, these are our parents; the very pillars of our existence. They produced us; raised us, loved us, provided for us and, in most cases, were always there for us.

When parents age beyond their capability to care for themselves, it can be a most difficult time for adult children.  Even though the very same adult children have kids of their own, it is still a strange experience having to care for Mum and Dad.


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4 People You Need To Contact If Mum and Dad Are No Longer Coping

Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane
Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane

The “Sandwich Generation” Part 2 –
Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane

Are you caught in the middle trying to help your parents navigate the later stages of their lives? 

The realisation that your parents may no longer be in full control of their lives is scary to say the least. What initially brought my attention to this cold hard fact were unpaid bills and missed appointments which led to accompanying Mum on a string of doctor’s visits. My brothers and I now had to seriously take a vested interest in mum’s health because the uncertainty of her ability to manage things was becoming alarming.

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4 Signs That Mum and Dad Aren’t Coping Anymore

Aged Care Services Brisbane
Are Mum and Dad coping?

 The “Sandwich Generation” Part 1

We’ve heard of the Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y, but who is the somewhat forgotten Sandwich Generation? We are constantly reading articles and seeing via the media’s watchful eye what Gen Y is up to and how the Baby Boomers are affecting the property market, but why has the Sandwich Generation been left out of the mix?

If you’re wondering who this group of people is, I can sum them up in one word – caretakers.

That’s right, the Sandwich Generation are the 50 – 65 year olds who are coming to terms with their parents limitations brought about by old age at the same time juggling their now grown up children’s adult responsibilities that come with home ownership, marriage and raising a family to name a few.


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3 Great Reasons To Have A Best Friend With A Mum In Real Estate

Talking Real Estate With A Friend
Real Estate Services Brisbane

I was catching up with some close friends recently and like clockwork, the conversation quickly turned to real estate.

Now I know some agents absolutely despise doing the Real Estate Q and A talk when they’re off the clock or out with friends, but for me, living and breathing property means it’s difficult to switch off, and nor do I want to. Especially if I know I can help a friend or provide some quick advice that will help steer even a perfect stranger in the right direction when it comes to buying or selling property.

During this conversation I was having, it started to dawn on me that I had unknowingly played quite a significant role in the property investing life of my daughter’s best friend.

As many mums would agree, your children’s closest friends often end up as adopted sons and daughters of your own and it usually gets to the point where you start looking out for them just like you would your own siblings.

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3 Things Smart Investors Do At The Turn Of The Financial Year

Real Estate Property Investments
Being Savvy at the Beginning of the Financial Year

Barb Johnston Which White
Fresh Paint Works Wonders on Real Estate Property Investments

As the end of the financial year approaches, there is usually a mad panic to get the ‘house in order’, make sure what needs to be claimed has been accounted for or look to purchasing before the 30th June deadline.  Now that the new financial year has begun, many property investors are beginning to ask themselves the usual questions of “Do I buy more property this year?”  “Is now the right time to invest or should I wait?” And one of my all time favourites, “What should I do to get the most out of my existing investment properties?”


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4 Simple Steps To Better Decision Making

Making Better Real Estate Decisions

Who Do YOU Trust
Real Estate Advice Brisbane Who Do YOU Trust?

The decisions we make on a daily basis really can affect the rest of our lives. Whether these decisions are conscious or unconscious, what I have come to learn in my many years as a real estate professional is the people we trust to help in our decision making processes may not always be the best choice.

I am often described by my clients as having a really good way of giving them clarity and ‘telling them how it is’.


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4 Ways To Tell If Your Real Estate Agent Is The Real Deal

Real Estate Agent Brisbane Tarragindi
Real Estate Agent – Tarragindi Brisbane

Would it surprise you if I said that Real Estate Agents are perceived to be amongst the most untrustworthy professional people out there? When ranked against other industries, surveys have shown that the general public place real estate agents extremely low on the trustworthy scale, just one above used car salespeople. What is this saying?

For those who know me, well we can all have a laugh telling real estate jokes around the dinner table and I know it’s just table humour, no offence is taken and it simply rolls off the back. Personally, I find people are hungry for information about property generally and they love to pick my brains!

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Do Glitz and Slick Maketh the Best Agent? How to Compare Real Estate Agents

How to compare real estate agents – Glitz, Slick and Hype or the REAL DEAL

how to compare real estate agents
Real Estate Agent Brisbane – Finding the REAL Agent

When words and actions don’t match, we often wonder why and what on earth is going on inside that person’s head. I can’t tell you the number of times I have come across this very scenario in real estate…

Tell me, who can relate to this?

Mr and Mrs Seller are looking for an agent who is honest, trustworthy, experienced, has a good reputation and is willing to work hard for them. They have come to you off the back of a referral and after meeting with them and establishing a good rapport (or what you thought was a good connection) you know you’ve got this one sealed. You’re really looking forward to working with these sellers because you know just how much value you can give them and cannot wait to begin marketing their property and taking the happy snap with them as you put the sold sticker across the for sale sign.

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4 Ways Buyers Self Sabotage Their Contract And Lose Their Dream Home

Your Real Estate Agent can be Your Brisbane Buyers Agent too!

Crashed Contract
Brisbane Buyers Agent – Avoiding the Pain

With my Buyers Advocate hat on, here are 4 tips to help you buy well.

Any experienced real estate agent will tell you that anything can happen in the game of real estate, particularly when it comes to navigating the buying/selling process.

For experienced investors, the process that follows after negotiations are finalised and a contract of sale is signed, is one that can quite often be anything but predictable. Every sale is different and the process can take many different turns depending on several factors relating to the property, the parties and the contract terms and conditions.

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5 Things Sellers MUST Ask Before Signing Anything

Why A Solution Trumps A Sale –
5 Things Sellers MUST Ask Before Signing Anything

Before You Sign
Selling My Home

How many hats is your real estate agent wearing? I don’t mean the pieces of cloth you place on your head for fashion or to keep the sun off, but the roles that a true professional plays for their clients.

Throughout the duration of my selling career in Brisbane Inner Southern Suburbs and Tarragindi as an independent real estate agent, I have been asked to wear many “hats” by my clients, some of whom would be blind to see that their selling process involved a mediator, realist, negotiator, trusted friend, confident, and finally, a real estate salesperson.

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How to Buy a Property in Brisbane’s Tight Market

Buying Property Brisbane

“Buying Property 101 – How to Avoid Missing Out in a Multi-Offer Situation”

How To Buy Property in Brisbane
Buying Property Brisbane

Have you ever gone to buy a house and the agent told you there were other people putting offers in also?

The moment I disclose this situation to a potential buyer is the moment I notice their expression seemingly change from excitement to concern.

No one wants to miss out on a property they have their heart set on, especially when they’re prepared to pay good money to secure the deal.


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Independent Real Estate Agent or National Agency?

Who is Really Selling Your Home?

independent real estate agent
Real Estate Agent Brisbane

The long held debate over who is the better agent; the boutique independent real estate agent or the national franchise agency has come to life once again following this week’s chain of events for me.

I like to describe the business of real estate similar to that of waves rolling in with an incoming and outgoing tide. Some weeks are busy, whilst others are quiet. Whilst one week can be filled with meeting sellers, the next can be consumed with educating buyers.

For me, the week that has been could certainly be described as an educational week.


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Real Estate Agent – Rookie or Veteran.



Rookie vs Veteran
Real Estate Agent Brisbane

Real estate agents are a dime a dozen, or are they?

Driving around the business hubs of the suburbs and even the cities it doesn’t take a person long to notice the many real estate agencies that seem to line the footpaths.

So who are the people that work behind the fancy doors of the many real estate brands in and around Brisbane, and how did they come to the conclusion that real estate was the career for them?


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Selling Tenanted Properties

Selling Tenanted Houses
Selling Tenanted Houses

Can tenants ruin a sale? Absolutely! Work with, rather than against your tenants using these four simple pointers…

I recently sold a property that was tenanted and much to my delight, the tenants were an absolute pleasure to work with and really helped the sale run smoothly.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. A poorly behaving tenant can put an end to the usual smooth sailing and their actions can sometimes go as far as affecting the final sale price of the property – in a downward way!



Interviewing a Real Estate Agent: 3 THINGS TO NEVER TELL

Want top Dollar for your property? Don’t say this when interviewing a REAL ESTATE AGENT

interviewing a real estate agent
Real Estate Agent Brisbane

Despite all of the information available on the Internet, there are some endeavors that you absolutely have to leave in the hands of professionals. Engaging with a real estate agent is one of those. Whether you are buying or selling property, delving into real estate involves a great deal of time, effort and most of all, skill.

Hiring a real estate agent provides you with a number of advantages. First, an agent has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process and thus, saves you time in learning the nuances of the industry by yourself. Second, an agent has a network of connections that will broaden your search for buyers. Third, and most importantly, an agent is not emotionally connected to the property and this allows her to negotiate from a stronger mindset.

However, the decision to hire an agent means you must go through the process of interviewing a real estate agent to market your property.


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How To Make The Most Of Your Open House

Open Houses Brisbane:

Why Sellers Who Stay Home Will Cost Themselves $$$

Open Houses Brisbane
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

A home means more to us than just shelter. It is the one place on earth where time stands still; every corner of the house, its walls, rooms and fixtures tell stories and relive memories that never remain dormant for long. We hear the sounds of children playing in the back yard, the smell of coffee in the morning and remember the feel of the warm bed we climb into after a hard day at work.

Buying your first home is arguably the greatest milestone in life and has long been considered the Great Australian Dream. People sacrifice a lot and push themselves to extraordinary levels of achievement in order to buy a good home for their family.


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3 Reasons Independent Real Estate Agents Work Harder

Looking For a Real Estate Agent?

independent real estate agents
Real Estate Agent Services Brisbane

When the time comes to sell your home or investment property, so too comes the very difficult decision in choosing the right real estate agent. With so many real estate agents all fighting for the business of sellers, how on earth do you know who is right to represent you? Despite many other factors that should be considered, one thing that often comes to mind for a seller is the decision to choose whether to list with a big agency (often a franchise) or an independent agent.

There has long been debate between rival real estate companies on who is better equipped to manage a sale and achieve better results for the client.


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