Cheap Isn’t Always Cheerful

Brisbane Removalist

The other day, a funny thing happened. Actually it wasn’t very funny. It was a real let down by another professional service.

Moving house? Need a Brisbane Removalist?

Do you think about saving some money on something you think you could get for less without necessarily compromising what you are after? A service you need? A purchase you are about to make? I know I have.

In January, we had to relocate some of our personal possessions from a storage shed to a container, all within Brisbane as we needed a more cost effective longer term storage solution to suit us. Many of you have had to do this when you move house, of course, and as I have had a couple of moves in recent years, I was familiar with the process. However, this time, I made a decision based on what I thought was a simpler relocation than our previous ones and engaged a different Brisbane removalist. I thought I would take a cheaper option. Ha ha! That was the wrong decision.

The volume of goods involved was equivalent to how much one might have in a small 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit but in saying that, there were no beds, no lounge suites, no white goods except for a fridge. And lots of boxed items. On the plus side, the access to the single storage unit was very easy with a trolley able to move seamlessly between the moving truck and the lift and NO steps were involved. At the other end, the truck could back up to the container entrance so the only space to navigate was the height between the truck tray and down to the floor level of the container. Not a big distance, maybe a metre.  Quite a simple job, really, in my view.

I was able to help the flow of things out to the truck as there were a number of trolleys available and I had arranged things in the storage shed so that there was reasonable access. The fellows doing the move even complimented me on my assistance to them. So far so good. As I could see the end was in sight for the upload, I left them to it and headed off to be at the container in readiness for their arrival. That took some time longer than I thought but I let that go. I’d been quoted 2 to 3 hours for the whole job but I’d mentally allowed for at least 4 hours to complete it.

Next came the unload. The first little disaster happened when they cracked the glass on a large piece of wall art. No ‘Sorry’, no anything. No ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of the glass for you.’ There was a large industrial bin close by, by the way. I felt a bit miffed by now.

The next disaster was when they tipped the fridge forward without taking out the crisper and shelves stored inside it. As I madly grabbed what I could, they let the large crisper smash onto the ground. Again, no apology was forthcoming. And this was happening right in front of me.

I was conscious of time ticking by but accepted that the time frame had been underestimated. As the unload was nearing completion, I asked where the garden tools were? You guessed it. They were half an hour away, leaning up against the wall of the storage facility. As I had now gone 10 minutes into the next hour, they said they’d go back and get them because I was paying for it anyway! As I waited for them to return, some hour and a half later, you can imagine my frustration and when billed for double the estimated time, I asked the question ‘What is to be done about my fridge and the art work?’ The reply was ‘Sorry, but you need to take it up with management’. 4 phone calls later over 2 weeks, and I am still waiting for them to call me back.

The lesson learned. Deal with someone you have used before. Or someone highly recommended to you. I will NEVER recommend this crowd to anyone ever. And the few dollars I thought I’d save have ended up costing me far more. Not happy, Jan!