4 People You Need To Contact If Mum and Dad Are No Longer Coping

Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane
Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane

The “Sandwich Generation” Part 2 –
Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane

Are you caught in the middle trying to help your parents navigate the later stages of their lives? 

The realisation that your parents may no longer be in full control of their lives is scary to say the least. What initially brought my attention to this cold hard fact were unpaid bills and missed appointments which led to accompanying Mum on a string of doctor’s visits. My brothers and I now had to seriously take a vested interest in mum’s health because the uncertainty of her ability to manage things was becoming alarming.

Once we had our eyes opened to the fact that we would need to play a more diligent role in our mother’s life since out father had passed on, we started thinking about how to best tackle this new found role of personal caretaker.

Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane
Does Dad need more help?
Helping Mum and Dad with Aged Care and Real Estate Services in Brisbane
Is Mum Coping?


There were 4 people who came to mind in this process. So who were they?


  1. A Trusted Financial Planner: THE single best piece of advice we received was to speak to a specialist Aged Care Financial Advisor. It opened our eyes to what was possible about dealing with the transition from self-sufficiency at home to aged care and changed our perceptions which had been loosely based on what we’d ‘heard’. This was just the beginning. Through connections, we were able to make an appointment with a financial planner who we immediately felt we could trust to sort through this financial mine field. We were given options and were able to put contingencies in place should the unthinkable happen. If you’ve never even been to see a financial planner for your own finances, my advice would be to seek a referral from someone you already know and trust. The value in that is huge.


  1. My Inner Circle of Friends – My walking buddies: As siblings, my brothers and I shared the load. However, sharing stories with my ‘inner circle’ helped to also deal with the emotional burden when it got the better of me, particularly as they too had experiences to share.


  1. A Local Real Estate Agent – I didn’t have to look far because for our family needs, that person was me. However, for the thousands of others who don’t have a connection to a trusted real estate agent, please take my advice and seek out that special agent who is referred to you by a friend, family member or your loved ones’ personal solicitor or doctor, particularly if you are not living in the same general area any more. Chances are your Mum or Dad will have had a long term relationship with one of those professionals. You want the agent who cares about the client over and above anything else. Better yet, if you know an agent, ask them who to use. It is all about the referral!


  1. The Best Aged Care Facility We Could Find – Since we’d never before had the need to be involved in aged care we really weren’t sure how to tackle this one. However, we knew these people would have the answers to our questions about Mum’s life moving forward. So, we visited potential places. We included Mum in the decision making process though not everyone has that luxury. We looked at how it would impact on us so that we could continue to help her in this transition. Your Mum or Dad may not need to go into an aged care home but seeking out the right people and the right information will help you if you see the signs and identify the patterns that alert you to having to consider this next step if and when it arises.


It is certainly not an easy time for anyone moving into this next phase of life but with the right advice from the right people in the right professions, the steps become all that much easier to manage.

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