6 Low Cost Ways of Adding Value to Your Home

The decision to renovate or make improvements to your home is often one that comes with an array of feelings. Excitement, nerves and the thrill of picking out paint colours and matching homewares all play a role in the first time renovator’s mind.

For those lucky enough to be blessed with wads of cash to throw into a renovation, the sky is the limit when it comes to how far you can go when it comes to transforming a property, but for the budget conscious home owner or property investor, maximising bang for buck and stretching your hard earned dollars as far as they will go will ultimately be the key to success.

Adding Value to your home can be done on a shoestring budget – the trick is to pick the right renovations that add the most amount of value with the least financial output

In my many years selling property in Brisbane, I’ve seen some fantastic renovations, a few shockers where I was left asking “why?”, and some very innovative and creative ideas when it comes to home renovation. Being invited to inspect a property after a renovation has been completed, especially when I saw the home pre-renovation is one of the very reasons I got into this business. Not only do the new owners get a kick out of seeing the finished product, so do I!

Now if you’re like the general population who are working to a budget, and handy enough to do some of the work yourself, I can offer some solutions.

This is what the smart, budget savvy renovators do…

1. Tidy Up The Entry

Street appeal is one of the first things potential buyers (and property valuers for that matter) consider when weighing up what a property could be worth. It’s not the be all and end all, but it’s certainly the beginning, and as with most things in life, first impressions count. A good way to spruce up an entry is to freshly paint your door a strong colour like red. Apart from being good feng shui, a bold and well defined entrance makes a statement and sets a great tone for the rest of the home. A few cosmetic touch ups like tidying up garden beds, weeding the pathway and adding some pot plants will do wonders for an entry.Adding value to your home

2. Plant A Garden

Not everyone is a green thumb. I, too, have been unlucky with plants at times. But even if you’re not handy in the garden, places like Bunnings and your local nursery can give great tips and tricks for creating a low maintenance garden that’s almost impossible to kill. Compared to other renovation costs, creating gardens, especially if you do them yourself, can be relatively inexpensive and make the most impact because of their strong visual appeal, if you do it right. Think different heights. Think contrast in colour and texture.

3. Replace The Letterbox

Ever noticed how an old and weathered letterbox can bring down a home whereas a modern and clean one can instantly make a great impression? I’ve seen some very expensive letterboxes in my time, but most can be picked up at a hardware store for less than $150. If you’re handy, this is a quick and easy fix.

4. Install A New Garage Door

Now this one is a little left of field but it has never seemed to amaze me how replacing your old garage door with a more modern one can make a huge difference. Considering that in most homes, your garage door is one of the most prominent features on first glance, it can really enhance and modernise an otherwise dated property.

5. Get A House Wash

Often overlooked by home owners, there are professional house washing companies who can come in and essentially ‘wash’ your house for a few hundred dollars. I’ve seen this in action and the end result is often better then you’ll expect.

6. Paint

New paint can make a world of difference and completely transform a room from old to new in a few hours. It’s relatively inexpensive if you do it yourself and provided you can stay between the lines and create a professional looking finish, painting a room or several rooms is often the cheapest and most effective way to improve your home.

Young homeowners decorating their house
Adding Value To Your Home

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to break the bank!

There are obviously many other avenues renovators can take to improve their homes and when it comes to increasing property value, often this means a little more expense, like a bathroom and kitchen renovation, or a house extension. But if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive touch up, the above should certainly be considered.

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