Getting the Best Valuation for your Home

3 Top Tips for the Best Valuation

Sometimes (though thankfully not often), a home will not value at the price it has sold for, causing the contract to crash or negotiations to re-open.

We’ve put together a list of the three top tips so that when the time comes, you’ll be prepared to get the best possible valuation for your home.

Get the best valuation for your home

  1.    Overall Presentation: The home must be in a similar state of repair to your open houses. In other words, pristine. So after you’ve agreed to a price and signed the contracts, don’t drop the ball and let clutter accumulate and the garden become unkempt.
  2.    Outdoors, Kitchen and Bathrooms: These are the high-price-tag rooms. If they’re well-presented and not dated, they’ll have a huge impact on your property valuation. It is important that the bathroom & kitchen are well presented, even if the valuer is inspecting the property early in the morning.
  3.    Recent Sales Evidence: Stay abreast of property sales in your area by attending any auctions or opens leading up to and including the time of selling your home. Grab a brochure to make your notes and hand this evidence to the valuer. Your sales agent will be supplying the valuer with any additional information they have as well. This up-to-the-minute information could be very useful, as sites commonly used by valuers can sometimes have information that’s 3 or more months old.


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If you want to present your home in best light possible, give me a call. I have some great tips and tricks to share.

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